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Gloria Jacobs: Game of Thrones



I was gisting with my friend last weekend when we delved into the frenzy on Twitter over the premiere of Game of Thrones, Season 4 Episode 1 on 6th April, 2014. I said, “Wow! GOT has become a huge brand” He disagreed with me. “It is good story telling”.

I was taken aback, good story telling? What does that really mean? Rolling my eyes over and over again, I sat up, grabbed my comb and began the Obama speech on why GOT has become a brand.

People wait for new episodes like they wait for iPhone new releases. Some go to any viewing centre to watch it like they were going to Heineken Champion Planet. I wear the GOT badge, boldly. I cheer when it is on. I cried when Eddard and Robb stark died just like Arsenal fans cried when Giroud missed an open shot against Everton some weeks ago. I will drink any beer GOT endorses.

It has 1.34million followers on Twitter that spans across continents. As at July, 2013, 146 American girl kids are named Khaleesi up 450% from 2011. Sunday’s 4th season debut drew 6.6 million viewers; the most since the finale of The Sopranos in 2007 which was seen by 11.9 million people. HBO Go, an online app for TV station HBO, that allows viewers to watch TV shows any time, crashed as tens of thousands tried to log on to watch the season premiere, Sunday night.

Needless to say, I did not sleep one bit that night. It premiered 9pm on HBO in America; I had to depend on live tweets to follow what happened to Jamie Lannister and Lord Frey e.t.c. I got to work with Garri sacks underneath my eyes, all for GOT.

The plot, cast, costume, great novel translation, lavish production values, set quality, seeing people in deserts, others in icy forests and the beautiful range of castles– without any of them striking a false note is what I find very overwhelming and sets it apart from other TV shows I have seen.

It is a great character driven show – Sansa’s innocence, Tyrion’s wit, Khal Drogo’s fierce looks, Tywin powerful and strong presence, Khaleesi’s transition to becoming the mother of dragons and many others have been consistently portrayed.

GOT has won over a devoted global fan like Obama who gets to see episodes in advance before anyone else and also me, Gloria of the house Jacobs, the first of her name who has sentenced her heart to love GOT forever.