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Young Nigerian Activists, Japheth Omojuwa & Uche Briggs Allegedly Arrested During Peaceful Protests in Abuja

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Information reaching us from social media is that two young Nigerian activists have been arrested during peaceful protests in Abuja. The activists were protesting against the fact that the there has been no justice sought for the lives lost during the National Immigration Service recruitment exercise. Japheth Omojuwa and Uche Briggs are allegedly being held by the NSCDC officials in Abuja. Another activist, known on Twitter as @xeenarh, Azeenah Mohammed was reportedly arrested too after she went to look for Omojuwa.

If this is true, there is surely cause for concern as one wonders what lies ahead for the rest of the polity.
There was a call for young people in Abuja to join the protest earlier in the day.

News of the arrests broke this evening on Twitter.










We are worried for Xeenarh too

Xeenarh was very active and vocal during the Occupy Nigeria protests and we admire her courage and strength. We believe in the power of the collective voices of the people. At a time where there’s so much uncertainty going on, when we’re calling for more people to stand up for what they believe in, this is not the best signal to send out. We’re truly saddened by the turn of events today because it is a painful reminder of a horrible, horrible time in Nigeria. We live in a democracy and if this is true then we, as the Nigerian people, need to channel all the anger we feel into striving to taking back our country. Whether in our offices, or in our housing estates, or even at the polls next year… we can’t sit idly and be taken for granted any longer. We will keep you updated.





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