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Two Indian Teenage Girls Raped and Hanged from Tree



Indian Girls Raped and Killed - Bella Naija

Two teenage Indian girls who are cousins were gang-raped on Tuesday by five men and subsequently hanged from a tree.

Police in India have arrested one man and are searching for four other suspects, Reuters reports. The incident occurred in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.

The girls, aged 14 and 15, went out to use the toilet but never returned. The next morning, villagers found the bodies of the girls hanging from a mango tree in an orchard close to the village. 

A post-mortem report revealed that the two minors were raped and died from the hanging.

The victims’ families are accusing local police of shielding the attackers as they reportedly refused to take action when the girls were first reported missing.

They said It was only after angry villagers found the corpses and took the bodies to a nearby highway,  blocking  it in protest, that police filed a case of rape and murder.

According to the Asian Centre for Human Rights, “48,338 child rape cases were recorded in India from 2001 to 2011, and the annual number of reported cases had risen more than fourfold – 336 percent – over that period. “

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  1. Radiant

    May 29, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    I do not understand this sort of behaviour. There is something really deep about this hatred of their victims. Horrible. Just horrible!!! #speechless

  2. Lavenda

    May 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    Their Mohammed and their Allah told them to do it i bet

    I cant wait till judgement day for God to wipe these group of ppl from the earth. They are a torn in the flesh of mankind

    As for the missing girls- sorry i cant help them. ONLY JESUS can, opps but then again they dont know JESUS, Oh well they should call on Mohammed to he help them then, What is my business.

    • Alex

      May 29, 2014 at 4:15 pm

      You’re a so called Christian and this is how you think? That God should wipe them out? Does that mean only Christians have been good to you? In one way or the other, I’m sure a non Christian has helped you. Do your research well. Majority of Indians aren’t Muslims. That being said God so loved the world doesn’t exclude anyone. I wonder when last you shared the gospel with a Muslim. The gospel is about love nit judgement. Try that sometime. I pray that God heals our lands and hearts.

    • reverse

      May 29, 2014 at 4:45 pm

      Your bigotry knows no bounds! See this judgmental bigot feeling like she’s on her way to heaven. Your likes discourage people from Christianity. BN, better post my comment

    • hawwah

      May 29, 2014 at 5:15 pm

      Before yu insult people at least try not to be ignorant. Muslims believe in Jesus, plus a large majority of Indians are not Muslims. People like yu is what’s wrong with this world. Educate yourself before opening your big mouth to say nonsense

    • Mario

      May 31, 2014 at 7:30 am

      I am neither Christian nor Muslim, in fact I am an atheist after having any religious belief thrashed out of me, when a child, by Catholic Nuns and Priests. I don’t even live in India, but in the UK. However, I have an understanding of the Christian Theology, and your sentiments are so far removed from anything that can be considered Christian that you really should look elsewhere for spiritual inspiration. Your views are as extreme as those of the Islamic extremists who believe that it is their lot in life to destroy anything that is not Islamic. You would have been at home with the very worst elements of the Crusaders.

  3. @edDREAMZ

    May 29, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    This indians and rape cases…. They should be expose to jungle justice or be shot to death…… may the souls of the gals R.I.P..

  4. bobbydox

    May 29, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    and for this evil act God should be the better judge

  5. Bleed Blue

    May 29, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    Wait, what is really going on with people and this animalistic wickedness. Are these people of the same human race as the rest of us?

    All this horrific news is getting too difficult to bear. There has to be a knock-on effect at some point. It’s either going to de-sensitize us or turn us to misanthropes.

    I’m tired. Just tired.

  6. Gorgeous

    May 29, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    I can never understand how 5 grown men can all sit down and carry out such an act. What could these girls have possibly done? How easy it is for them to end a life. How easy to hang them on a tree for their families to find them. Haaa! Humans are wicked o.


    May 29, 2014 at 4:58 pm

    Sometimes you just want to ask God why????? So so sad and depressing. May they rest in peace.

  8. sum1special

    May 30, 2014 at 11:55 am

    So many psychos in the world.

  9. jj

    June 1, 2014 at 10:55 am

    Wat a wicked world. God. Help us oooooo

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