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Ogun Man Stabs Self to Death after Fiancée Dumps Him

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A 33-year-old man in Ogun State stabbed himself to death on Saturday, after his fiancée ended their relationship.

The man, Oluwatosin Otaiku, was deeply distraught when the love of his life, Olaogun Oluwatoyin, walked out on him, Punch reports.

His neighbours had attempted to reconcile the two former lovers on countless occasions to no avail.

On one such occasion, a meeting was arranged between the two inside a shop.

Otaiku was reportedly armed with a knife, and planned to kill himself if Oluwatoyin did not agree to rekindle the relationship.

When Oluwatoyin indeed refused, Otaiku brought out the knife in preparation to stab himself. Thinking he wanted to stab her, his ex-fiancee ran out of the shop and proceeded to alert the neigbours.

When they arrived, they saw Otaiku stabbing himself ferociously

He was reportedly rushed to Mercy Hospital in Abeokuta, and was then referred to Federal Medical Centre.

As he was being transferred to the centre, he died.

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