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Nigerian Luxury Retail Pioneers Tayo & Ayo Amusan join the Business of Fashion 500 List | Iman moves to Hall of Fame



Tayo & Ayo Amusan for BOF 500 - Bellanaija - September 2014

The 2014 list for the annual Business of Fashion 500 is out and we have new entries.

The list was launched last year by Business of Fashion and is a list of the movers and shakers of the Fashion Industry worldwide; a comprehensive network profile of the most accomplished professional working in fashion which includes African fashion stakeholders such as Iman, Omoyemi Akerele of The Style House Files and Lagos Fashion & Design Week; Ethiopian model Liya Kebede, Alber Elbaz and more.

In their 2014 list, Nigerian luxury retail entrepreneurs Tayo & Ayo Amusan joined the list and Iman was moved to the Hall of Fame. See the 2013 list here.

To compile the list, the team – “Polymaths & Multitaskers” reached out to last year’s BOF 500 and asked them who they think is worthy of inclusion. According to BOF – “We received hundreds of new names, which we added to our existing database of more than 2,000 people. And after months of additional research and analysis, we whittled it down to this year’s BoF 500, representing 55 nationalities in 40 countries, across eight distinct categories: Designers, Executives, Retailers, Models & Muses, Fashion 2.0, The Creative Class, Media and Catalysts.

Here is a brief profile of the Amusans

“Tayo and Ayo Amusan are a couple with a vision to grow the Nigerian retail sector at a steady pace,” said Omoyemi Akerele. “Persianas [their development company] built the first mall of international standards in Nigeria and currently own five spread across Nigeria in Lagos, Ibadan, Kwara, Enugu and soon to be launched Abuja. The company’s retail arm has successfully launched franchises such as Hugo Boss and Lacoste.”

An early entrant into the burgeoning Nigerian retail scene, Tayo used his 25-year property experience to build The Palms, a 45,000 square metre property. Situated on Lagos’ Lekki Peninsula, the mall-complex has 69 retail stores, among other facilities.

While Tayo is focused on the property aspect of Persianas, Ayo oversees its retailers. Appointed director of retain in 2011, Ayo has been involved in the retail industry since 1998. She holds an MSc in Risk Management from Cass Business School, City University, London, the city in which she began her career working in strategy and budgeting. It was Ayo who led Persianas’ negotiations to secure the Hugo Boss, Puma and Lacoste franchises.”

Iman was moved to the Hall of Fame on the list. Click here to read Iman’s biography

BOF 500 List - Bellanaija - September 2014

See the rest of the list at

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  1. Mr Gbajumo

    September 22, 2014 at 8:03 pm

    Contrary to this report on the Business of Fashion List,The Hugo Boss,Lacoste and Puma stores at The Palms are not INFACT UNDER FRANCHISE AGREEMENTS but retail outlet made possible by gentleman agreements.
    The real winner i will say is Mrs Edu ,who consistently courted and lured ZEGNA for many years to operate a fully operated franchise given to her company.The Business of Fashion led by Iman Ahmed has been feed untrue reports and this is distasteful..

    • adeanon

      September 23, 2014 at 7:41 am

      ok and how many retail outlets do you have by gentleman agreements? get real. all these brands?

    • adea

      September 23, 2014 at 12:38 pm

      Haters Gonna Hate!

  2. nigeriaisthefuture

    September 25, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    I am with you on this one Mr Gbajumo. These guys are in the business of making money through their property development and most definitely not in the business of trying to do anything to drive or formalize the retail in Nigeria. Now if this was recognition for property development, mall modernization etc, then i would have to take my hat off to the Amusan’s, they have done a great job, no in fact a fantastic job. The malls look great!!
    It would be very easy to check if Hugo Boss, Puma and Lacoste have franchises here!!! You will find that they officially don’t, and that is coming from the global brands themselves. Just like your TM Lewin’s, Zara’s, Mango’s, Levi’s, Polo’s of this country. If you actually worked in retail in Nigeria or any other country, you would know that these brands are indeed not under franchise agreements and understand why global brands operate like that specifically in Nigeria. Mr Gbajumo called it a gentleman’s agreement and i can see why, in a sense that is what it is!! Nigeria is a special case when it comes to retail, and will take a long time before this industry gets anywhere near where the rest of the world is at!!
    BOF needs to add another category to it’s list and file it under property development, and maybe BOF also needs to take the Fashion out of it’s title, it’s a little deceiving giving that these guys honestly know nothing about fashion or the fashion industry. A bit of an insult to those hugely talented Africans who have pretty much moved heaven and earth to show the world what fashion means to Africa. Owning 2 or 3 “branded” luxury shops does not make you a mover or shaker in any fashion industry let alone the world. Only in Nigeria, in fact only in Lagos. Mohammed Al Fayed did not claim such status when he owned Harrods!! Wouldn’t even catch him at a fashion show. He was a businessman plain and simple. Lets all just call a spade a spade for Nigeria’s sake.

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