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Black West Africa & Boko Haram are Not a Priority to the West – CNN Military Analyst

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cnn bokoThe western world’s response to the recent terror attacks in France, in comparison with the response to the Boko Haram Baga massacre, is currently a hot topic.

Many have questioned why a large amount of attention has been placed on France, while the horrific Baga massacre in Nigeria seemed to receive lukewarm attention.

CNN military analyst, Maj. Gen. James “Spider” Marks recently revealed a controversial perspective on the matter.

According to him, the United States has the capability to root out Boko Haram but it’s not a priority. He also stated that Black West Africa is not a priority. He goes on to state that if Boko Haram were in some other region of the world perhaps in “White Africa” (North Africa) or in the Middle East, it would cause more alarm.

“Very stark, very hard to say, but that’s the case right now,” he said.

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