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Let MTN Give You a Better 2015 with the New My2015App!




…And Lupita’s $150,000 dress was stolen! This just goes to prove that things can go wrong at any time and anywhere no matter how careful you are, irrespective of the plans, promises and even resolutions that we have made. However, we should still try our best to be better people in 2015.
Here’s a list of little things you can do to be a better person:

  • Wake up every day with a renewed desire to get things done one at a time even though you are soaked with sweat due to the absence of light from the night before
  • Learn a new skill even though you are not sure if the fact that your fanciful writing can be considered a skill (By the way, it is. People pay to get calligraphy done!)
  • Share some good to those around you even if it means stepping on the brakes for 10 seconds to let that Range Rover Sport get in front of your dented old modeled Toyota Corolla.
  • Be calm and don’t let your tongue lash out at that silly driver who didn’t remember the downpour of rain from the previous night and so splashed water on you while on your way to work.
  • Be the best you can be and totally disregard your boss who uses any and every opportunity to tell you how bad that letter you wrote is while listing out the things you didn’t get done in time for close of work
  • Offer to buy lunch for that colleague who you simply can’t help but be utterly and helplessly jealous of because they look like they have it all
  • Smile for just no reason other than the fact that it makes you look good and utterly confident.

To get more daily living tips like these, download the My2015app and subscribe to one of the monthly plans which were created just to help you become a better person in 2015.

– Using this code *123*4*2*1#, get a N2,015 monthly plan which consists of 100 National mins + 100 National SMS + 300MB.
– Monthly Data Bundle Offer which consists of [email protected] N2,015. Get this by dialling *123*4*3*1#

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  1. Personality development

    May 30, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    I strongly agree with the first one “Wake up every day with a renewed desire to get things done” . Starting your day with a strong desire to accomplish as much as you can is the first step to being happy when the end of the day comes add you analyze everything you did in your mind.

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