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LG’s Top-loading Washing Machines offer Superior Washing Performance & Hygienic Tub Clean



T1232 Sapience 17kg for Turbo washer

LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled its latest high capacity top-loading washing machines, equipped with the company’s innovative TurboShot technology. By combining innovative washing technology with the incredibly hygienic stainless steel tub, LG’s top-loading washing machines ensure that finished laundry comes out brilliantly clean.

LG’s TurboShot technology is designed to be gentle on fabrics while providing enhanced washing and rinsing. During the washing cycle, TurboShot technology uses a rapid drum motion and waterfall-like jets to penetrate deep into fabrics. This technology removes tough stains by delivering a complete and thorough wash while helping dissolve detergent more efficiently.

We designed these new top-loaders with consumer needs in mind, and our primary concern was making sure that they provided reduced washing times and greater water savings“, said Hyunwoo Jung, General Manager, Home Appliances division, LG Electronics West Africa operations. “With cutting-edge technologies like TurboShot increasing the appeal of our products, LG will continue to lead the global washing machine market and continue working to become the number one brand in the global home appliance market“.

Even in the rinsing process, LG’s TurboShot technology helps yield impressive energy and water savings. Unlike conventional routines where the entire tub is first filled with water, the TurboShot technology enables clean water to be sprayed directly from a valve at the top of the machine. This helps reduce water usage while still delivering quality results.

LG’s TurboShot technology also powers the washing machine’s Tub Clean course which keeps the washing machine’s tub hygienic. When LG’s Tub Clean is activated, the washer uses centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation to disperse water to the surface of the outer stainless steel tub. Moreover, the Tub Clean course keeps the tub optimally hygienic, providing more sanitary washing results and greatly reducing tub damage.

The advanced motor of LG’s washing machine ensures greater performance and efficiency. Directly attached to the drum, LG’s 6 Motion Direct Drive motor uses a combination of six different pre-set customized cycles that provide a perfect wash for all the different types of clothes in consumers’ closets. With a touch as delicate as washing by hand, the 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology helps reduce wrinkles and damage in clothes.

In order to ensure clothes are hygienically cleaned, LG’s washing machine is also equipped with the Allergy Care function which uses steam to help remove allergens, mites and residual detergent, all of which have been linked to respiratory and skin ailments.

Designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, the Top-Loading Washing Machine’s slam-proof Soft Closing Door prevents the door from unexpectedly closing on users, keeping their fingers safe while they are loading and unloading the washing machine.

LG’s new line of top loaders make it possible to easily wash items as large and bulky as king-sized duvet covers. LG’s Top-Loading Washing Machines also offer the incredible Smart Diagnosis™ feature which allows customer service representatives to resolve any mechanical issues quickly and efficiently.

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