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Willow Smith Describes her Vision of a Perfect World as she Covers i-D Magazine’s Pre-Fall 2015 Issue

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the-coming-of-age-issue-body-image-1438703927Willow Smith lands a double cover for the Pre-Fall 2015 issue of i-D magazine as she shares her vision for a perfect world while also talking about her free-thinking parents and more.


For the magazine’s issue tagged the ‘Coming of Age’ issue, 14-year-old Willow Smith is photographed by Tyrone Lebon and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois is sporty chic looks.

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Read excerpts from her interview below.

On the perfect world: “The whole world would be one big tribe, one big commune. It wouldn’t be split up and divided, we wouldn’t be fighting nearly as much, we wouldn’t be using unnecessary sources of power. We’d be using free energy, we’d be eating from the trees, we’d be drinking from the natural stream. There wouldn’t be traffic, and diapers and pollution in our rivers. It would all just be transcending into another dimension.”

On being perceived as ‘different’: “I carve my own path the way I do is because of the way I was raised. My parents always said, ‘If you don’t carve your own path, someone’s going to carve it for you.’ And that’s not fun.'”

On her free-thinking parents: “If it wasn’t for my parents I wouldn’t even be on this earth. If it wasn’t for my parents, I wouldn’t have learnt that becoming still and traveling within is the only thing that really matters.”

On her generation: “I feel that right now what our generation needs is to do the art that’s in our hearts. Do it to the fullest and try to help other people find out that thing that makes them happy. The more people that are doing what’s in their hearts, the more that heart vibration is going to start spreading around the world, and the more people will start thinking, “Wow, maybe McDonalds isn’t what I should be eating, maybe the way they’re teaching me in school is depressing me, maybe I should be climbing trees and meditating more than I should be listening to my teachers telling me that everything I’m doing is wrong.” So it’s taking those little steps towards awareness.”

Read more of the interview and see more photos here.

Photo Credit: i-D Magazine

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