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Daily Mail profiles Lavish Nigerian Weddings with £6,000 Gift Bags & £150,000 Alcohol Budgets

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In a Channel 5 documentary, ‘How The Other Half Lives’, the hosts interviewed Betty Irabor of Genevieve Magazine and Elohor Elizabeth Aisien of Prive Luxury Events (they planned Tiwa Savage‘s Dubai white wedding) about lavish Nigerian weddings.

Betty Irabor & Elizabeth Elohor Aisien on How The Other Half Lives

Betty Irabor & Elizabeth Elohor Aisien on ‘How The Other Half Lives’

In the same episode, airing tonight at 9pm in the UK, a Nigerian couple share their reception at a five star hotel in London.

Daily Mail reported the quotes from the interview,

On Nigerian Weddings being a ‘Competition’
‘It’s a competition, people want something like “wow, she arrived by plane”. The bride wants to look good and wear the best of everything.’ said Elohor.

As a result, she said brides will pay around £100,000 for a bespoke dress by a designer like Vera Wang and £475,000 on diamond jewellery.

‘The other women want to make a statement, “I wore this diamond, my diamond is bigger than yours”,’ Elohor Elizabeth Aisien explained.

Out of This World Booze & Gift Budgets
Elohor added, ‘They will spend the most money on Champagne as you have two to three thousand guests at a traditional Nigerian wedding and they will get a bottle of Champagne each.’

This means at an average Nigerian wedding, £150,000 will be spent on booze.

While at British weddings, attendees may get a token favour like a chocolate, at affluent Nigerian weddings, they will get a gift bag worth £6,000.

Such a bag might contain a £345 perfume, a cashmere scarf worth £350 and a £5,000 watch.

If you’re in the UK, you can catch the episode at 9pm on Channel 5 tonight!

Source: Daily Mail

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