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Get Tips for Surviving Office Politics on Glory Edozien’s Latest VLog



GloryGlory Edozien is out with a new vlog and this week she is sharing tips on how to survive office politics.

At one point or the other everyone has experienced office politics so this is a must watch!

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  1. Alli-Noah

    November 9, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    Gloria good topic ! I’ve encountered similar situations outside of Nigeria and I keep thinking about the best way to handle it. I once worked as an intern at a fairly large organization but I was only one of two people in my department who had a masters degree and for some reason I don’t think this sat well with my immediate supervisor (coupled with the fact that I’m black- hard not to factor in the race issue). From the get go I noticed that she was always so quick to point out my errors, take credit for the small contributions I managed to make (given the hierarchy) and even blamed me for a big error she personally made which made me seem very incompetent to my other co-workers. I was so frustrated that I kept saying I was going to say that she screwed up and not me, but I was just so fed up and I didn’t even know the right way to go about it without causing conflict within the team.
    Following my job at that company I decided that I will be very weary of co-workers and tread carefully and then I found myself at the ‘cliquiest department’ (Think American High school) at a new organization where I was working as a contractor. This one was completely different because nobody was out to get me per se LOL but gossiping seemed to be everyone’s favorite past time (not saying I don’t gossip but I never do it at work. I’d rather go home and complain to my friends and family) and I didn’t quite fit into any of 2 major cliques and so it was a whole other problem trying to fit in without becoming immersed in the politics.
    Following both experiences, I now take the concept of ‘office culture’ very seriously because even though I know that office politics cannot be avoided, there are certain things I’d rather not deal with and so I make sure that an organization has a generally positive office culture before even applying to a job there because working is stressful enough coupled with all these extra things.

    • Tosin

      November 10, 2015 at 7:10 am


      Serena be the role-model. Like wha??

    • Tosin

      November 10, 2015 at 7:13 am

      Good point about avoiding the assholes in the first place. If a place has evil all around it, sometimes you’re desperate and have to get in just for a while, but of course have your eye on the door to get out before they send you to an early grave.
      There are companies that have kindness and love as an important part of their DNA.
      Actually, I’ve stayed so long at current job only because boss is an angel, people don’t bug me so much. In places where they love petty wahala, they know my resignation is coming very soon.

  2. Lou

    November 10, 2015 at 5:13 am

    I work outside of Nigeria And I think the politics is probably stronger but sometimes reverse.1. Regarding teaching you the just job, people will gladly teach you but then use it to shine and before you know it when it’s time for performance reviews they will tell say” lacks ability to grasp new concepts”. So I have learnt a key to survival is to ” identity your resources. Only go to people you trust and won’t use it against you.2. Document every discussion via email even when you have a verbal conversation you need to send a follow up email saying ” per our last conversation… Such and such … not align yourself with any particular group, get along ” on the surface at least ” with every but don’t do cliques 4. I’ll say Be nice to ” junior staff” not just for information but primarily because you’re not better than them. And yes you make a valid point about not being emotional, I’ve made mistakes there but you keep learning. It’s tougher because competition in this culture is encouraged, so people will stab there way to the top but the good thing is if you have Christ he can help you make your light shine and cover up your weakness. Oh and lastly know your job, and create a path of knowledge for yourself where you become an indispensable subject matter expert…….

  3. Tosin

    November 10, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Great topic, nice tips. I’m usually on to the next newest and greatest thing from day one. It’s not to hold a job or title or position. I’d rather sleep, to be honest.

    On the other hand I’m very polite (well, except for those couple of times I told people, girls/women because na them dey vex person pass, “I’m not here to babysit your f*ing emotions”. Not my finest hour lol but for real, I can’t believe how much shit people bring to my doorstep like what, I’m here for a fuckfest? Nah men, try again when I’m older and calmer.

    In spite of being superpolite, I know what Glory’s saying, people may read wrong into a simple email, like thank God someone pointed out to me that someone was upset (I forgot the greeting because too busy too much to do) so I apologized so very profusely and assured her that I don’t do ego like that and that she should kindly forgive me in advance because I skip niceties sometimes in the name of speed.

    The succession thing, yes, Glory, I agree. I can’t usually see why I should be at a job more than the time it takes to solve the key problems and also identify and develop the superstars who’ll lead when I’m gone. But is that how today’s workplace is structured? No. HR people, we need a revolution. You almost have to be retarded to survive the modern workplace, innit?

    Let’s analyze the root cause of the madness tho’ :

    Keep climbing yet we falling down
    Like crabs in a bucket – haters all around
    n I’ll never break me or take my wealth
    but what happens when I hate myself?
    – SDC (Down)


  4. stella

    November 10, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    Office politics, long story..but ve survived it so far by keeping my heads high,, doing my job..and clutching closely to my God,, Cos these people !!

  5. Ello Bae

    November 12, 2015 at 6:53 am

    Glory I would be remiss in my reader’s duty if I don’t tell you how much I needed to read this.. The competition at work can make someonee have split personalities. I am someone that is always in my feelings so if I think that someone is doing something out of spite, my demeanor immediately changes but you have spoken sense into my head. I will not over think things…ehn ehn. I’m here to work and improve . That’s all.

  6. wunmi

    November 12, 2015 at 11:20 am

    I totally agree with Ello Bae @ the competition at work can make someone have split personalities. These people can destroy you TOTALLY. I completely lost myself in the process. The attack from almost all the staffs ehn! The tips here are great but easier said than done. i have tried using them but that in itself na another wahala. Stay away from cliques and your are called holier than thou. Emotional that I have been guilty of and stil working on. Thanks Glory for a timely and helpful topic.

  7. Ibelongtonobody

    November 12, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    I think i am your best bet to dish advice here. I narrowly escape being demoted due to office politics. You see, what i have learnt is to observe your colleagues closely. They say: “when a chicken goes to a new environment, she stands with one leg.” I was over friendly to enveryone, my boss was my hero until he fell out with another colleague who likes me as a friend. He transferred the aggression to me. Best thing he did was to tell someone he hated my work and will soon demote me. My sisters the chivalry in me found its way to act quickly.
    1. I went back to the drawing room to re-evaluate my work, so he will not have what to attack me with.
    2. I was more careful with the way i played with his opponent in the office
    3. Since my boss is very emotionally sensitive, i complimented him when necessary and laughed at some of his dry jokes. (oh lawd, sigh)
    4. It is called Monkey School of Diplomacy. Gradually understand everyone’s behavior, learn about their strength and weakness.
    5. Clap when they clap, and shut up when your opinion is not accepted. Don’t seek for recognition. But always learn to defend your actions and pray fervently. It is not easy .
    6. For the ladies, develop a strong personality that they will understand never use you for their dirty jobs. I have a colleague who cried because of this issue and was asking me why i am never in the middle. My email signature identifies me as a “Phenomenal Woman” so everyone connotes that i aint no weakling.
    7. This situation gave me an insight on honing my skills into grooming my own business. I am now thinking outside the box. So, stop being dependent and start thinking on being your own boss.

    Ano dey carry last o. I survive that and my boss told someone i was mischievous. Pardon my typo, about to close from work.

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