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Ijeoma Okoro: Parsley, Green Tea, Citrus Fruits & More Easy Natural Remedies for Bad Breath!



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Have you ever gone close to someone and then felt like closing your nose? Have you ever talked to someone and noticed they’re either closing their nose or have a disgusted look on their face? Or have you ever noticed bad breath coming from your mouth even though you’ve brushed?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of – there are various causes of Halitosis a.k.a bad breath, and they can be treated quickly and efficiently with some natural products around you.

I remember when I was still schooling in the University of Port Harcourt and I met a great looking guy. He was very handsome, but when it came to his breath, it was a whole other story. Whenever he would try to start a conversation with me, I would get very uneasy and I was not prepared to tell him there was something wrong with his breath, and apparently neither were his friends.

I have no idea if he still has bad breath now, but I have come across loads of other people with the same problem. And hopefully that’s not something they want to take into 2016.

So, to help you or someone you know with Halitosis, here are some causes of bad breath, how you can prevent it and a few natural remedies for Halitosis you can cook up at home.

Causes of Bad Breath
There are several causes of bad breath, including;
A dry mouth.
Accumulation of food etc inbetween teeth due to lack of flossing/brushing properly. This attracts and holds smell-inducing bacteria.
Eating smelly foods like garlic & onions and tobacco smoking.
Medical conditions like Tonsillitis, Sore Throat, Bronchitis etc are conditions with bad breath as a symptoms.

How to Prevent Bad Breath
Before you think of curing, prevention is always the easier path. Here are some ways to prevent bad breath;

– Practice good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and never forget to brush your tongue.
– Replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months.
– Avoid tobacco products.
– Go for routine dental check-ups at your regular doctor’s.
– Drink lots of water. Hydration is very important for your health.
– Eat lots of fruits and foods rich in fibre.

How to Cure Bad Breath
I love having multiple solutions to everything – So I’ll be sharing five (5) ways to combat bad breath.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is fermented natural organic apple vinegar. Its acidic nature makes it great for clearing up bacteria in the mouth. Bad breath which can occur due to indigestion can be cured by ACV.

You can buy ACV at a large scale grocery store, or you can D-I-Y it with my article on homemade ACV.

What You Need
1 tablespoon of ACV
A cup of water

How To
1. Mix organic apple cider vinegar with water.
2. Stir and drink the water.
3. Drink this regularly for fresher breath and better digestion.

2. Parsley
Parsley has a fresh & strong flavour which is a natural deodorizer. Also, its deep green colour is filled with Chlorophyll which has some antibacterial properties. It also helps to neutralize toxins ingested daily.

What You Need

How To
Chew a sprig of parsley

3. Citrus Fruits (Orange, Lemon)
If you eat onions or garlic and start to feel conscious of the smell, all you need to do is eat some citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, and this will restore your breath.

What You Need
Citrus fruit of your choice (lemon, orange)

How To
1. Suck on a lemon rind
2. Gargle or drink the juice
3. Use the citrus peel to rub on your teeth

4. Water
A dry mouth with food particles can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Keeping your mouth moist, and drinking water regularly will help wash away food particles and any bacteria accumulating.

What You Need
A glass of water

How To
1. Gargle for ten seconds and spit it out.
2. Drink water regularly.

5. Green Tea
A cup of green tea every morning freshens your breath and fights bacteria by inhibiting its growth. It contains polyphenols which are antioxidants – great for getting rid of smell inducing bacteria.

What You Need
A glass of green tea

How To
Drink a mug of green tea. You can swirl the tea around your mouth to get it in hard to reach areas.


Have you had any experiences with people with bad breath? Did you let them know? That can be so awkward – how did you do it?

Photo Credit: Dreamstime/Bruno Monteny

Okoro Ijeoma is a natural care enthusiast and entrepreneur. She's an undying optimist whose passion includes; writing, singing, fashion designing and photography. Follow her natural care exploits on her Instagram page @naturecareng and on her website Naturecare NG . You can also follow her on her personal I.G @chuks_tessany.

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