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The Photo Booth Awards 2016: Did You Make The Best PhotoGenic Moments?

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2015 was the year of the photo booth, and it’s no surprise that the best weddings and biggest marketing events had a Photobooth as the life of the party.

Last year was such a blast that they just had to compile the Best PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Experiences for the Photo Booth Awards 2016 Edition.

So if you are planning an event this year or attended one last year, you need to check this out as it will reveal a unique idea for your upcoming event, or you may just see yourself featured in one of the best photo booth moments of 2015.

Best “Carry Her” Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 2016

So the “Carry Her” Moment is a signature PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Pose at Weddings. Unlike traditional photo booths, PhotoGenic’s Open Concept Booths provide plenty room for this very cool couple pose. We captured many amazing “Carry Her” shots at spectacular 2015 weddings, but Abisola and Adaji‘s contagious smiles easily stole this one.

Amazing Photo Booth Experience by PhotoGenic.

Best Celebrity PhotoGenic Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 2016001

It’s not rare to have celebrity sightings at a PhotoGenic event. So it’s no surprise we captured some amazing A-list celebrity Photo Booth moments. D’banj with his magnetic smile, surrounded by adoring fans was our favorite Celebrity Moment.

Best “Large Group” PhotoBooth Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 2016003
The more the merrier, that’s the magic behind the PhotoGenic Experience. The open booth concept lets you, your besties, your besties’ best friends and that random guy all enjoy one big, happy super fun moment. Mr & Mrs. ATL’s Wedding Party got it just right.

Flawless Weddings by @OliveLuxuryEvents.

Best Kiss

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 2016002
Ahhh. Everyone’s favorite category. Naija couples know how to kiss oh. Sweet love is always in the air at PhotoGenic events so we had plenty beautiful couples to chose from. However, Abisola and Adjaji’s sensual moment was hard to resist.

Perfect Weddings by Stephanie.

Best PhotoGenic Fairie Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 2016004

The question is ‘What are PhotoGenic Fairies?’ PhotoGenic Fairies are super gorgeous, talented photographers that create and capture magical photos, branded to match the theme of your events. Alex serenading Shola was just the quintessential Fairie moment and many guests instantly got a printed copy of this photo.

See the Magic of PhotoGenic Fairies.

Best Branded Photo Booth

Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - Janaury 2016005

PhotoBooths amplify a brand’s onsite engagement and exponentially extend its social media reach. By partnering with brilliant activation agencies, PhotoGenic delivers customized photo booths uniquely tailored to the brand experience. HP’s Tech Tour Photobooth topped the charts with a significant brand presence while engaging every attendee at the event.

Brand Activation by BrandsToLife.

Most Amazing Photo Bomb!

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 2016006

Photo Bombs are the best thing ever! Now tell me who has never photo bombed a picture before? The guests at Dami and Ladi’s wedding did it right! Even photo bombing the couple’s kiss. Lol.

Best Branded Experience

Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - Janaury 2016007

Immersing a potential customer in the brand experience is essential for any product activation event. From the branded booth to the customized photo folder, the experience has to be unique to the brand. The launch of LG’s G4 Smart Phone perfectly exemplifies the best way to get this done.

Watch How To Activate an Event With a Photo Booth.

Most Creative Customized Props

Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - Janaury 2016008

PhotoGenic pioneered the art of customizing Photobooth props that capture the event’s theme. Collaborating with the super talented team at No Suprises Events, the amazing James Bond themed Photo Booth Props was a hit at #TUCP2015.

Best “Show Off” Pose

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 2016009Who doesn’t love free party souvenirs? The guests at your event not only get to experience the fun and the magic of a photo booth, but also receive personalized photo favors to remember the event. The beautiful bridesmaids at Dayo and Tola’s wedding showed off their photo souvenirs in an ultimate fun way!

Best “Album Love” Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160010It’s no fun waiting for weeks after an event before the official photographs are ready, right? Well, Photo Booths have changed the game as you get your Guest Book Photo Album before the end of the reception. It’s usually the best moment of the night seeing the awe on a bride’s face. Sola almost teared up with joy and we loved this moment.

Insider’s Tip: What Brides Think About PhotoGenic.

Most Spectacular GreenScreen Experience
The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160011

Ready for something truly mesmerizing? The GreenScreen Experience turns your imagination into reality – Be Anyone; Be Anywhere. The Unofficial Christmas Party took this to the next level with the James Bond Green Screen Experience. It was ridiculous fun for all the guests and unbelievable for most.

Experience Something Special with PhotoGenic GreenScreen.

Most Amazing Backdrop Experience
The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160012
Working with Stephanie, one of the most talented event planners in Lagos, PhotoGenic fabricated the 1st interactive photo booth backdrop in Lagos. It was a major hit and the guests couldn’t get enough of it at #BecomingTheOs Wedding.

See More Amazing Backdrops:

Cutest Baby Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160013

Photo Booths at kid’s birthday parties are becoming a must-have and the category for best baby photo booth moment was unanimous. It easily went to Emeke on his 1st Birthday. The transition from a sleepy cutie to the most precious smile melts your heart.

Best Prom Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160014Prom Parties are incomplete without a photo booth experience. There is something truly special about graduation parties, it’s the last time in school with some of your best friends. Choosing the best prom shot wasn’t easy, but these three BFFs from Grange School created a memorable moment.

Enjoy More Prom Moments Here: Graduation, Prom and a Photo Booth.
Amazing Event Planning and Decor by The Events Warehouse.

Best Use of Props

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160015Props! Everyone loves Props! It’s the fun engine of the PhotoBooth Experience. Some guests go crazy and use too many props and some go prop-less (boo. No fun). But the bridesmaids at My Big Nigerian Wedding picked their props perfectly and rocked it just the right way.

Did You Know? PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Was Featured in Season I and II of My Big Nigerian Wedding.

Most Creative Photo Template Design

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160016

It’s your event and you want it to be uniquely yours. Our in-house graphic artists work closely with you or your event planner to design a photo template that captures the essence of your event. #LGCHRISTMASISHERE easily won this category with a super creative integration of LG G4’s Screen into the design.

Most Social Media Engagement

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160017Some loved it; some hated it. But everyone had something to say. Two girls on Prom night decided they wanted to “break the internet” using the photo booth social media sharing stations and they did just that. This photo booth moment by far got the most social media engagement across Facebook and Instagram.

Best Photo Booth Slogan

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160018
One aspect that’s really intimate about the PhotoGenic wedding experience is the collaboration with the couple to create a slogan that captures the essence of their marriage. Many classic slogans have been created, but the simplicity of Lope & Tobi’s “forever and a day” took this category.

See Sisi Yemmie’s Photo Booth Experience.

The Wackiest Pose

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160019

Many photo booth moments are wacky, crazy and fun. Something about PhotoGenic brings out the best in people. But there was this particular pair at Bunmi & Teni’s wedding that got everyone laughing all day. The wackiest pose goes to them.

Memorable Weddings by Ayeesha of 3A Event Solutions.

Best “Aunty & Uncle” Moment

Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - Janaury 20160022.png

Getting Aunties and Uncles to come enjoy the photo booth can be challenging sometimes. But this Aunty & Uncle at Kike’s unforgettable wedding couldn’t resist the PhotoGenic fun. They broke all the traditional rules – with plenty smooching and kissing 🙂

Best Mr. & Mrs. Moment

The Photo Booth Awards 2016 - BellaNaija - January 20160020Ensuring the bride and groom have the time of their lives is the #1 objective at PhotoGenic weddings. Amie & Ovie easily took this category with the perfect kiss, perfect props and perfect chemistry.

Memorable Weddings by Exquisite Events.

So it’s official! Photo Booths are now a must-have for weddings and product activation events in Nigeria. The Photo booth Experience is always fun and engaging, leaving guests raving for weeks after the event. 2016 is going to be a blast so make sure you Book a Photo Booth for your next event.

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