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NgCareers: 6 Smart Tips for Job Hunting When You are Still Employed



It is one thing to be unemployed and another thing to be employed, but job searching. Looking for a new and better job while having a job already is not an easy task – especially if your current job is so time demanding.

So how does one effectively utilise all the opportunities for finding another job without compromising her current job?

Here are 6 smart things to do to help you quietly find a new job

Know Where to Look
The fact that you do not have too much time means that you should utilise the free time you have for job searching well. And that means knowing where to look for just the type of job you want. If you have a good social and physical network of friends and colleagues in the industry of your interest it is a good place to start. Keep your ears on the ground; a good number of people still get jobs from the rumour mills. You can join Ngcareers’ targeted job notification service that helps recommend your CV to employers even when you do not have the time to search actively.

Plan and allocate the time for job search
You should never let your current job suffer. After all, half loaf is better than none…as they say. Keep working as hard as you can and never think of stopping until you have a new offer letter in your hands. That’s only when you know you have got it sorted.

Maintain a positive attitude
This is good for your personal career growth. Even if you eventually leave your current company your positive approach and energy will mean you can still maintain good relationships with your current managers and employer. This may come in handy later, as they could be in a position to recommend you to someone or vouch for your professionalism.

Keep Your Mouth Shut
Well, you might tell a few people that could be instrumental in helping you land a new gig; but you should never tell people at your workplace that you are looking for a new job. There is almost no good that could do for you; instead you possibly could expose yourself to sabotage. Keep quiet, do your job and keep looking. This includes not blabbing on social media –  as posting about your job search on social platforms will surely attract the attention of your current employers and that may not be what you want.

Put your profile and CV in the right places
There are few platforms that help showcase your career to the prospective recruiters and employers. Ngcareers is one career site in Nigeria that tries to match you to the job of your dreams. You can join and quickly create a profile or attach your well written CV (You can check out our excellent CV writing services that have helped hundreds of professionals). One advantage of a career platform like Ngcareers is that even when you are not actively applying to vacancies your profile will be matched with relevant openings and employers can get to contact you with potential offers.

Don’t bad mouth your current employer
No matter how bad it is, try to be civil and keep from talking bad about your current workplace. At least until you secure a new gig.

Want to get at least 3 relevant job interviews? Why not join Ngcareers right away. Create your profile, upload an up to date CV and watch as we match you to the suitable jobs in your location of choice.

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  1. Iphee

    April 5, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    I am pondering if I should try this out as a last resort cos frankly I believe there are truly no jobs out there based on merit in Nigeria.
    I ever wrote an aptitude test where I scored 82.5 and the person with the next best result scored 69.5 …. Guess what ? I did not get the job ( some yellow yellow girls got it)
    Fast forward to today CBN , FIRS ( not confirmed yet) all gave back door jobs “Rich Kids” these guys did not even write any test oh ….Some one was now trying to justify these “Rich kids” getting these jobs because they went to the best schools and were most likely qualified …. News flash …. Why can’t these “qualified lot” get jobs on Wall street or Merryl Lynch they must sha compete in the local league with those of us without “powerful daddy’s”
    The biggest regret I have right now is not leaving this country when I had the opportunity ( I instead chose to build a house for my folks with the money). I should have ported first then sent them my income from yonder to do the building.
    This country is slowly sucking the joy of everyday living out of me. No light ( for the 3 – 5 hours of light ( daily) I might get …. I have to tip the NEPA guys to go touch something in the transformer so it’s not half current). I have to search sometimes for hours to getca decent fuel station to buy fuel at N210/ L ( 2 of my colleagues are having problems with their cars because of bad fuel).
    The Gen I got that could carry all electronics in the house was stolen …. Along with the Gas cylinder & the spare one night…… I didn’t even bother going to the police to further throw away money….. Or waste my time.
    All this no light palavar means I eat more ( something to cheer me up) & sometimes take sleeping pills to sleep ( nothing to do) …. I am slowly but surely putting on weight …..Hian.
    I want a new job cause I spent a lot of money getting an additional qualification that should increase my career prospects but for where …. Everything is “kparakpor” in this country.
    Sorry for the epistle but I really needed to rant


      April 6, 2016 at 10:14 am

      It can be very frustrating especially with the way the economy is going. What career areas are you intent on pursuing? You can focus on getting a job in smaller private firms (where there is a bit of more objectivity cos they can’t afford to hire on nepotism or the likes) and you could certainly get a job close to your dreams. We recommend you register on today.

  2. zeebaby

    April 6, 2016 at 3:42 am

    Hi Iphee. Yes I know. You do have every reason to rant. But it seems the bitterness and anger is getting deep into you. Pls don’t let it. I honestly do feel your pain. You need to cheer up n stay positive in all ds darkness. Your positivity will give u d light to shine thru n succeed. I feel u cos I have bn thru similar. Spent my cash to further studies with hope of a lucrative job offer. Naah, I jonsed for 2 yrs, then took a receptionist job n used d savings from there to build a house for my family too. It tooked me another 3 yrs of job hopping to get my dream job. Not as dreamy as I planned but it’s a fresh. Hopeful start! Keep faith! God’s mercy is real. He has seen ur sacrifice.

  3. Iphee

    April 6, 2016 at 10:06 am

    Thanks Zee Baby ….. Thanks for the words of encouragement. Appreciated more than you know

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