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“Don’t Mess With my Jesus!” – Charly Boy shares how his Encounter with God has changed his Personality

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A couple of weeks ago Veteran musician Charly Boy shared an article in which he revealed that he had had a strange encounter with Jesus. Since that encounter, he now shares how his life has not remained the same.

Read below.

In February, 2016, one cool and unusual breezy night in the comfort of my room, I had a strange encounter of the freakiest kind with Jesus, which I shared with you all. In that encounter, our Lord left me with specific instructions. He had instructed me to tell you all, that Nigerians should STOP disturbing him by substituting prayers for hard work. Jesus was very very upset with Nigerian’s kinda prayer requests and shopping list, always calling His Name for the most trivial matters, things that would come to them naturally without sweat were they not a lazy and an unthinking ignorant bunch. Hardly would you find a Naija prayer warrior asking for more spiritual all na prosperity prayers!!!

Since that special encounter with Jesus, a lot has changed about me.
I hardly noticed it, till one of my paddy guys started pointing out a lot of things that I now do differently. Abi I don enter? Pastor Charles? Hmmmmm, ok.

He pointed out amongst others things, so many things that I no longer do like taking my afternoon naps in my casket, how I killed my pet python on the 26th of February to set my spirit free. How it seems like I have stopped confusing people with my sexuality and how the things of Jesus were taking a hold of me. He observed that my long time advocacy of empowering the youths has taken a monumental dimension. How I have become an emergency marriage counselor, thanks to Tiwa & Bliss. My calm and coolness suddenly made my paddy man more intrigued and curious

“Charly, what’s going on” he asked insinuating that my Jesus encounter had reconfigured me.

I really do not feel any different from how I have always felt for the past 37yrs of being consumed by the Charlyboy persona. However I must confess that I have remained dazed by that freaky encounter. I remember Jesus giving me that strong hard look and ordering me to “Get to work” before I could ask, what work? the Lord disappeared as fast as he appeared. Back in the days I would have wondered what they put in my weed.

Haba, but am not Pastor Adeboye, T.B Joshua, Pastor Kris Okotie, or any of those holier than thou people. See me see wahala oh.

Anyway, from henceforth, let no one mess with the Lord’s anointed or else .

Now I know that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

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