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Jason Derulo Poses For Vulkan Online and Talks About His Raunchy Music Video for “Naked”




Singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer and designer Jason Derulo speaks to Vulkan Online and he talks about his new single, the ‘Naked’ music video, his Kanye West moment and his future as a designer.

Here’s an excerpt of his interview:

On His crazy fan girl experience
When I was in Sri Lanka there was this girl that climbed a 20-foot fence after a concert just to get to me. She just darted and no one even seen her! After she got to me, which was crazy because there was mad security all over the place, she got her moment before security got her. After I was looking at my security crazy like “What if this wasn’t a fan…?”

On  the inspiration behind his new single “If It Aint Love”
It’s really exciting. I wanted to create something that was very up-tempo and different from what’s going on. This time I literally changed the tempo, it’s a very vibey type record and it talks about our misunderstanding of what love is and what it feels like. I think we all have a little misunderstanding. Sometimes we’re in a situation where everything feels right and it ends up not being what we think it is. Sometimes it’s just in that moment of time and then time passes and you don’t feel the same at all. You end up completely disconnected from that situation but you thought it was everything you wanted and more in those moments.


On the music video ‘Naked’ and is he was actually naked in the video
Absolutely I was naked! I made it happen. I wanted it to be authentic; I wanted it to be something that signified the song. It wasn’t about chains or jewelry or anything, it was literally about me, the content and what I was [singing] about. That song is more than just being unclothed, naked meaning with nothing else that I can hide behind; It’s literally just me.

On being on the same flight as Kanye and him sleeping the the entire time when he wanted to request a Collaboration
I’m somebody who lets things happen organically but if that was a moment that would have happened with him that would have been dope. I’m a fan of a lot of people and he’s definitely one of them. I could definitely see [a collaboration] with him as something that could happen in the future.

Jason-derulo-vulkan-magazineOn his future plans
Look for my shoe line coming out called LVL XIII. It’s a really high fashion and high end shoe brand. It’s not like an everyday wear kind of brand. It should be available soon; we are trying for September, but you know these things take a long time. We are finally coming around—The designs are done and we are currently in production. It’s exciting. It’s a brand new endeavor. I’ve always been a sneaker head so it was only right that I created a line that signified the things that I love myself.


Photographer: Alexander Saladrigas
Art Director: Dfernando Zaremba
Stylist: Brendon Alexander
Grooming: Victor Noble
Photo Assistant: Achilleas Manolis
Written By: Kevin Ntoi
Interviewed By: Matthew Reinhold

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  1. Tosin

    May 26, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    there’s that one of his videos+music that I really love – want to want me, …got to take time to try some more.

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