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Nollywood Rising Star Meg Otanwa covers Ghoste Magazine’s “Girl Power” Issue

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COVER Girl Power - Meg Otanwa

Some say Nollywood is getting stale as the same stars are being recycled but others argue that a new crop of stars is emerging. Ghoste Magazine‘s Girl Power Issue features Nollywood’s rising star Meg Otanwa who recently got her big break on Africa Magic’s new TV Series “Hush” where she plays Koko, RMD’s employee and love interest.

She talked to us about her return to the big screen and why she thinks women should be empowered…


GHOSTE - Meg Otanwa 2

GHOSTE - Meg Otanwa 3

GHOSTE - Meg Otanwa 4

GHOSTE - Meg Otanwa 5

Photographer: Paul Ukonu
Makeup: Ndiya
Hair: Fabulocks
Styling: Aijay

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