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Oshos Erua: 5 Essentials for the New Age Nigerian Entrepreneur



More Downloads-2Access to new technology brings so much information to us at our finger tips; there is nothing you would want to have or do today that can be seen as impossible.
It is all achievable. Our dreams are valid and we are able to build anything we want. We have all branched out to start DOING.

Today, most of us are any of the following:
• Entrepreneur
• Entrepreneur with a ‘side side hustle’
• Professional with a side hustle
• Professional trying to develop their career long term

No one is ‘dulling’ again and the state of our society has brought the urgency of creating businesses to light. To cope with this, I have put together some essentials that you will need that could make you more efficient in what you do. You have gotten your technical details right, you have a coach and all, but you need some of these to keep up:

Smart Phone + Power Bank
These two have to go together; you know how many times you will have to press that phone in a day? You definitely need a charger to carry along wherever you go, get a reliable power bank. Gone are the days when your Nokia could last you two whole days without having to charge it. It’s not really that the batteries were so superior in my opinion; it’s just you had to press it less compared to your Smartphone of today.

Mobile Internet Modem
I mean a Wifi modem really (like Smile, Spectranet, etc), as they are more reliable than your regular GSM internet providers especially for us in this part of the world. The importance of the Internet, no matter the category you belong to, cannot be over emphasised.

Diary/ Task Reminder/ To-do Reminder
There is only so much you can remember in a day. You will need help keeping up with deadlines, appointments and important activities to perform in the day. Don’t go out without one. For bloggers, there’s the one made by Cassie Davies (check that out) and there’s a Smart Money Diary from Arese Ugwu (for those in need of a money accounts journal)

Portable Cologne
As much as you need to look good, you will need to smell good too as you go around. A handy fragrance with you will be very effective – especially if you are very active and mobile and meeting important people as you go. Try the new Swago Scents. It’s a portable fragrance wipe and very effective, you will find it very handy.

Time for yourself
I know you have deadlines, money has to be made, your customers need to be impressed, there’s so much competition out there but you need some time. Get enough sleep, eat healthy as you go along, exercise everyday to keep fit and make time to be with the ones that really matter to you as much as you can, your God included.
#Bodynobefirewood #GodBlessYourHustle

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I am a trained technical safety engineer and run a brand distribution on the side. I started blogging as a way of finding what my strengths are and what I would love to do; currently exploring to develop my business and communication skills and I share my thoughts on


  1. Bim

    May 11, 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Very precise and helpful

    • Avosiya

      May 14, 2016 at 9:11 am

      Glad, you found it helpful.

  2. Ojasweb

    May 11, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    The internet issue is the number 1 problem especially if you live outside of Lagos and other major cities. I wish there’s a better internet coverage in ever parts of the country, things would be more easier for the startups.

  3. lawee

    May 11, 2016 at 10:06 pm

    A smart phone is a mobile office .

    Once you have a smart phone and a number of brilliant apps installed, I believe you don´t need a ” diary / task reminder/ to -do reminder ” any more.

    Just make sure your smart phone has a lot of storage capability (and) 2, you can always back-up or recover files from the cloud.

    • Avosiya

      May 14, 2016 at 9:11 am

      O yea, true. Thanks for that, the apps as a mobile alternative, having a written journal maybe at home still goes a long way.

  4. TOOMS

    May 13, 2016 at 11:51 pm


    WHAT do you need a DIARY/TASK /TO DO REMINDER for in this naija Hustle,. Welcome to the Rugged hustle in Nigeria, my colleagues in Nigeria you learn to use your head. What if your diary gets stolen or a malicious virus attacks your phone/laptop and wipes off your Task Reminder/To do reminder. Get ready for the street hustle, your brain has to function like a Robot. Remember every detail, keep on cross checking, ask questions, tell someone to remind you and Learn to hold your guts responsible too, it must be disciplined.

    You need a scented Hand Towel my honeys and Darling Entrepreneurs not A Portable COLOGNE, remember you should be investing not spending unnecessarily. Too many expenses, increment in fuel, transport cost, taxes, income might remain the same, customers/client don’t understand .Managing your finances is critical, save up the best way you can, trust me the extra cash is needed to grow the business.

    Get a Smart phone, Power Bank and a “Palaser” (AKA Touch Light Phone)- Apart from battery life, the Touch light can save you from darkness. If peradventure you find yourself walking late at night or trying to look for an important document in the dark etc the Touch light phone can help. And the battery last longer.

    You don’t need Time for yourself ENTREPRENEURS, YOU need a Smile on your Face. If you want to Exercise, incorporate it into your business strategy my friend. You have no time to waste. This is Nigeria, everyone is waiting to punch on your flaws, don’t give them the Time. Everyone is waiting for you to fail, don’t waste time relaxing, instigate motivation while you work. Creativity its at its best at work. Sometimes you’ll have to even sacrifice your sleep. Just Keep on smiling and enjoy the journey.

    But One thing we Both agree on

    Mobile Internet Modem, it is essential

    I am TOOMS a startup entrepreneur based in Lagos, Nigeria.

    This is my Honest Opinion based on my Experience in Numerous startups such as TOOMSFRUITS

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