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Diamond Esusu

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has goals.

Your goal could be having your dream wedding, buying your fantasy ride, starting your first business or even taking your dream vacation.

But we all know that saving for an imminent goal is the hardest thing ever. Especially with all the current happenings in the economy; fuel price hike, naira devaluation, high cost of sustenance and living… you name it!

But despite all of this, there’s still a way for you to set money aside to achieve your dream goal!

Have you hopped on the Diamond eSUSU scheme yet? If you haven’t, now would be the perfect time!

YOUR dream house, car, etc. doesn’t have to wait anymore as this platform offers a contributory and rotating saving scheme where customers can save on a secure platform (Diamond Online) with up to 12 people (friends, family, colleagues), plan collection dates and enjoy the benefit of bulk payment – an interest free borrowing in disguise.

The Diamond eSUSU consists of two variants: Group Savings OR Personal Savings. Whichever suits your needs better.

To get started, all you need to do is go to at

  • Click on “Diamond Online Banking Login”
  • Click on “Login with Token”
  • Click on “Continue button”
  • Select “Diamond eSUSU”

And follow through on the remaining steps.

Find out more about this all new and stellar innovation right HERE

For further enquiries on Diamond eSUSU service, please contact our 24-hour contact center on 0700 3000 000 or email [email protected]

Diamond…Your Bank

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  1. Odira

    January 10, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    Nice one from Diamond bank.

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