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UK Summer Training for Nigerian Teachers holidaying in the UK | August 1st – 5th, 2016



summer teacher training

Nigerian teachers holidaying in the United Kingdom (UK) this summer can now participate in a comprehensive, week-long intensive coaching for teachers.

The coaching, being put together by Diamond Teachers Recruitment Limited, a Dunstable, England, based educational resource center, is the first of its kind to be organised for teachers from Nigeria and other developing nations.

Explaining the need for such training, the promoter of the educational center, Tundun Adeyemo, said teachers, the world over, must do what they can to stay motivated, enthused and challenged, so as to continually give their best to the profession and impact positively on students and the society at large.

Adeyemo noted that the dwindling educational standard in Nigeria, poses a huge challenge for teachers especially, and other stakeholders in the educational sector as a whole.

“Teaching is an art, hence the need to be properly schooled in it. This course is bound to do just with trainers who are the best in their field and also equipped with the latest techniques in teaching. So why not invest in your own practise?” she said.

The training, which is scheduled to runas follows

Date: 1st – 5th of August, 2016
Time: 09:00 to 15:00 PM
Venue: Suites 1 & 3, Ashton Square Business Centre, Dunstable LU6 3SN.
Fee: £140 per day

A minimum of three days must however be booked to secure admission into the course.

The sessions include the use of technology in the classroom; modern class management techniques; using our voice as teachers; positive engagement and language.

The training will also afford teachers to learn how to work with students with special needs like an autistic child, while also equipping teachers on special education needs like what needs to be known; keeping their attention, and peer assessment.

Other trainings will include basic mathematics, basic literacy, basic writing skills, safe guarding teachers, safe guarding children, record keeping in the class room, Microsoft Excel training, and more.

Adeyemo said the training classes will be arranged for not more than 10 trainees at a go to ensure effective management of personnel and resources. One to one tuition with the lecturer is also possible, however, this will only be upon advanced booking before class commencement.

For a small fee, the promoters will arrange airport pick up, hotel and an excursion to London. For more information please visit: or call Tee on +44 7411 517184/ email [email protected]

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1 Comment

  1. Gandalf the Grey

    June 1, 2016 at 9:04 am

    Abeg abeg …when 90% of Nigerian teachers don’t earn up to 200k monthly after teaching for 10 years. Obviously, you’re looking for the Grange and American International crowd…
    Note to those in government :For God’s sake, Invest in teachers! Let studying education be a thing of pride, not a course for those with no option. Learn from the Scandanivian countries.

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