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Sunlight Detergent Laundry Basket: Back to Black




Yesterday, we shared some exciting tips on keeping whites whiter for much longer, today, we are going black. If your wardrobe is filled with black clothes that you know you cannot be seen wearing, or you just want to know how to keep your blacks from shade-shifting on you, this is for you.




  1. Think cold. Always wash your dark clothes with cold water a mild detergent such as the new improved Sunlight 2-in-1 detergent only. This prevents fading.
  2. Turn your blacks inside out before washing and rinsing.
  3. I know everyone does this for whites, but the same rule applies for blacks- wash your black clothes with other black clothes. Dye which has a tendency to run, when blacks are washed will usually be reabsorbed back into the black clothes they came from if there are no light clothes to absorb them.
  4. Raise your Coffee cups up! Coffee works wonders for black clothes. Just add 2 mugs of brewed coffee to the final bucket of rinsing water and watch some magic happen. You’ll never think of coffee the same way again.
  5. Make sure that you spread black clothes away from the sun. Sunlight acts as a natural bleach, which will fade your black clothes faster.

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