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14-year-old Bride Burnt to Death in Afghanistan | Officials not Clear Whether It is Suicide or Homicide



File Photo: Afghan Girl

File Photo: Afghan Girl

A 14-year-old girl from central Afghanistan has died due to severe burns, a local official said on Monday, as questions were raised about whether she had set herself on fire to escape an arranged marriage.

“She was a victim of family violence,” said General Mustafa Andarabi, the Police Chief of Ghor province.

It is not clear if the girl, named Zahra, was set on fire by her in-laws or if she did it herself. Reports also claim that Zahra was pregnant.

“On Saturday, she was taken to a clinic in Kabul, but it was too late, she had third-degree burns, down to the muscles and bones,” Mohammad Saber Nasib, a physician said.

According to Andarabi, Zahra’s husband was involved in the incident.

“He (Zahra’s husband) fled the house. However, we have Zahra’s father in-law and mother in-law in custody,” Andarabi said.

Abdul Hay Khatibi, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said that Zahra had nodded in response when asked whether she had set herself on fire.

Ruqia Naiel, a senator from Ghor province, said that Zahra’s father complained to the provincial council and the provincial judiciary about his daughter being ill-treated in her husband’s house, but no one listened to him.

According to her, the girl had been married when she was 12 and had been ill-treated since.

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  1. SAD

    July 18, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    Come on now! You really expect us to believe that she set her pregnant self on fire?
    And when asked by a bunch of men who did it, she nodded that she did it to herself. P-lease!!!
    A teen married off at age 12, who suffered domestic abuse from then onwards, whose father even reported the abusive treatment of his daughter by husband and her in-laws???
    I can just imagine this poor small underage girl in absolute agony from her 3rd degree burns being asked questions and as expected from the classic domestic violence victim, she nods/tells a lie to cover up. Classic lines – I fell down the stairs, I banged my head, I tripped, I wasn’t looking where I was going etc.and now – I set myself on fire.. Abeg Abeg Abeg ! Give Zahra justice!!! These no-good violent abusers must be brought to justice! For Zhara’s sake and for all the other used and abused girls, women in her position.

  2. Ethio

    July 18, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    but why should a 14 year old CHILD be seen as bride to someone?, Muslims una doh oo!

  3. Trudy

    July 18, 2016 at 11:34 pm

    But the father too…. you give out ur 12yr old child for marriage? If you can’t take care of them, why make them?
    You did see that ur daughter is being treated badly, you didn’t go and get ur child, rather you reported it so they’ll do wat exactly? You couldn’t just return the bride price and get your daughter back? What is this fuckery?

  4. Sammie

    July 19, 2016 at 7:44 am

    Any woman in a society that sees them only as sexual and enforces a code of modesty which in effect cancels her female form- that society Places NO VALUE on females. They are creatures of captivity most of them in denial suffering from an advanced form of stolkhom syndrome genetically encoded in her system from centuries of female abuse. And don’t get me started on men who can’t bear to see the ankles of women and only feel secure raping children. Mtchewwww

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