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Every Budding Writer Needs a Little Financial Break! Apply for the A. A Writers Fund today



Writer- Nigerian-In need of a little help-

Every budding writer knows that it is not enough to rely on the presence of ‘the muse’. Sometimes, all a writer needs is a teeny-weeny break from the harsh realities of being broke all the time.

In light of this, the Akighir and Akinbukola Writers Fund (The A. A. Writers Fund) has been set up to help alleviate the struggle.

About The A.A Writers Fund:
Privately funded, the fund is named in the memory of two people -the founder’s father and her best friend, both who passed away too soon.

Criteria for Eligibility

-Must be a Nigerian who resides in Nigeria

-Must be a writer in any genre: Literary, News, Speechwriter, Opinion Pieces etc

-Must be freelance or takes on freelance work as well

-Must have a proven track record of work

What You Need To Do

Personal statement detailing why you should benefit from the fund and what you need the grant for(300-500 words, specifics are great)

Name and location

Work Sample (Links to your work or email 5 pages of sample work)

Reference (optional)

Send the above requirements to [email protected] in a single MS Word document. Entries not in MS Word document will not be considered. If you are linking to your work, include the link after your personal statement. There is no entry fee.

Closing date
24th July 2016

For more information visit the website HERE

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