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Lovebirds Biodun & Fola’s Gorgeous Wedding | Exquisite Events Abuja

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Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_37Biodun and Fola fell in during the groom’s NYSC year when he went to say hi to his friend at a salon. The rest as they say is history!

See their beautiful wedding and love story below.

~ Photography by George Okoro Weddings | Ejike Manny | Oludare Kenny Studios

How They Met
from the groom, Fola
I finished my first degree 6 years before I did my NYSC, it just wasn’t a priority and I was already working all along. Little did I know then, but now I know that “God’s time is the best”. I got back to Nigeria and became a pretty active Corper member, I was everywhere on camp, marching up and down, playing football/basketball, attending seminars, doing platoon duties, climbing ropes, organizing events, queuing for allowee, going to mami, etc. Fola - Biodun - Pre-Wedding - George Okoro - Exquiste Events - 2016 - 21But one day, I just had enough of the scorching Abuja sun and decided I was going to cool off what was left of my “aje butter head”. I searched for the perfect alibi as to why I couldn’t make afternoon parade and I couldn’t find, until I got a call from a friend who had just come back from a suspiciously timed sick leave! I was so excited to hear that she was inside the market making her hair.

So I got to the saloon and told her about all the camp action she had missed, and talking about the bliss of missing parade was the first time I noticed Biodun in the corner, she was on her own painting her nails and minding her business when we all got into conversations about what I don’t remember right now, but must have been interesting because I kept looking out for her and her pink knapsack after that day.

We saw each other randomly a few times before the end of camp, and realized we had mutual friends and fans. April 1st 2014, last day of camp we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch.Fola - Biodun - Pre-Wedding - George Okoro - Exquiste Events - 2016 - 26We didn’t talk for about 2 weeks and on April 16th 2014, a simple message from me turned into a 3 day chat non-stop. It was still a pure friendship for weeks and I wasn’t even aware that feelings had started developing until I was already head over heels in love, subconsciously noticing that she had a lot of good attributes I wanted in a woman. I prayed about it, telling God to just save my energy if she wasn’t going to be the one, and I believe he gave the go ahead.Fola - Biodun - Pre-Wedding - George Okoro - Exquiste Events - 2016 - 7The Proposal
from the groom, Fola
October 2015, I moved back to Nigeria and was ready to pop the question because at this point it seemed more of when we were going to marry, not if. I knew Biodun and I wanted to get married to each other, we had spoken about it, so it wasn’t a case of her saying no but I also figured she’d be too shy for a public proposal.

The initial plan to quietly propose over a private dinner fell apart when her detective skills caught her sisters and I planning, plans later changed to catch her unaware. November 7th, 2015 armed with a drama/a cappella team, flowers, friends, family and food, I asked my best friend to stay with me and be my wife. I had fooled Biodun into thinking I was travelling and she dropped me off at the airport where I had another friend waiting in the parking lot.Fola - Biodun - Pre-Wedding - George Okoro - Exquiste Events - 2016 - 3Her sisters took her to dinner in Panache restaurant that evening and as I had already arranged with the restaurant manager, they were seated in a prime location. I got a fake couple planted in the restaurant and found an a cappella group online who came and serenaded the couple with love songs making it seem like the guy was about to propose to his girlfriend.

Halfway through the songs, they turned their focus to Biodun and her sister’s table and continued singing to them. Just as the last song was finishing, I came out with over 20 excited friends and family who had been hiding in the kitchen all along.

Here’s Biodun & Fola’s surprise proposal video –  Watch!

Advice For Couples

  • It is important to start planning your wedding early, to avoid last minute decisions.
  • Take marriage counseling classes very seriously, discuss afterwards, read books and pray.
  • Understand each other, be reasonable, set a budget and work with it.
  • Secure all your vendors as early as possible.
  • Be careful not to offend anyone.
  • Have fun!

BellaNaija Weddings wishes the couple a marriage filled with growth, success and happiness.

White Wedding
Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_05 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_33 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_01 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_02 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_03 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_04 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_06 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_07 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_08 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_09 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_34 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_35 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_32 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_31 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_30 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_35 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_34 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_36 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_38 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_39 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_33 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_41 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_42 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_10 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_11 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_12 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_40Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_18 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_16 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_17 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_44 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_37 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_43 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_20 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_25 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_37 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_45 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_21 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_22 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_23 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_24 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_26 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_27 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_46 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_28 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_32 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_Exquisite Events__BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_47 Biodun_Fola_White Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_31Traditional EngagementBiodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_00 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_01 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_02 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_03 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_04 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_05 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_01 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_03 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_06 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_04 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_08 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_05 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_07 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_09 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_10 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_11 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_06 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_12 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_13 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_15 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_07 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_14 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_16 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_17 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_08 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_18 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_19 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_20 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_21 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_23 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_22 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_11 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_Exquisite Events_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_09 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_24 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_26 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_28 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_29 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_30 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_31 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_32 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_33 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_34 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_35 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_36 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_37 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_38 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_39 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_40 Biodun_Fola_Traditional Wedding_George Okoro_BellaNaija_BN Weddings_2016_41

Photographers: George Okoro | @georgeokoro | Ejike manny | @ejikemanny | Oludare Kenny Studios | @oludarekennystudios

Wedding Info – Venue, Dates & Colours
Traditional: Peach Vine Marquee, Wuye Abuja | June, 17th 2016 | Magenta, Fuschia Pink & Grey
White: Abuja International Conference Center | June 18th, 2016 | Green

Wedding Attire
Bride’s Dress: 1st: St Patrick, Customized by @hudayya Couture | 2nd: Tope FnR | @topefnr
Bridesmaids: Toju Foyeh Fashion | @tojufoyeh
Groom & Groomsmen: Mancave London | @Mancave
Makeup: Banke Meshida-Lawal | @bankebmpro
Hair: Chioma Uzodike | @solangehairandbeautyshop | Bridesmaids |  @ehishair
Traditional: aso oke and beads Bimmms24 | @bimmms24 | 2nd outfit: @tojufoyeh | @hudayyah
Court Wedding: James Sully Boutique | @jameslully
Shoes: Jimmy Choo | @jimmychoo |  Manolo Blahnik | @manoloblahnikhq | Sophie Webster |
Jewellery: Kamz

Event Planner: Exquisite Events | @exquisite_events_abuja
Videographers: Wedding Doctors | @wedding_doctors | Pailon Mexy
Decor: Bluevelvet Décor | @bluevelvetmarquee | Trad: QuailEvents | @thequailevent
Sound & Multimedia: Trad: OptionA | @optionainternationalresources | White: Seyi  | @letstalkevents01 
MC: Kenny BlaQ | @kennyblaqmcfr
DJ: Trad: DJ Danny | White: Cool FM DJ TTB | @djttb
Traditional Cake: Amerie 360 Cakes | @amerie360cakesabuja
Wedding cake: Syndys Cakes |@syndyscakes
Food, Small Chops & Desserts: Cocktails in and out | @cocktailsinandout | Classic Golden Pot | @classicgoldenpot | Jenny Sweet Eats | @jennysweeteats | Smokes and Pipes | @smokes_n_pipes | Barkono Grill |  @barkonogrill | 12 Baskets | @12basketsfoodltd | Newton’s Moible Cafe Catering | @newtonmobilecafe


  1. ElessarisElendil

    July 25, 2016 at 7:15 am

    Beautiful, everything simply beautiful.

    BTW Hands in Pocket pose>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hands over crotch pose. Cool to see people change it up.

  2. Dazey

    July 25, 2016 at 8:30 am

    I am so happy for them. I had a serious crush on a guy in camp but never had the courage to talk to him, i didn’t even know his name. After camp, i redeployed to another state and thought the crush will die but nah, it did not. So i started searching for him online, it took me 5 months to get his handle on a NYSC page on instagram. All i would do was like his picture and he’ll like mine too. I wanted more, 1 month after our POP i sent a dm and that’s how we’ve been chatting non stop.

    Unfortunately for me, he’s not based in Nigeria and doesn’t even live in Lagos and will be travelling back to base in few weeks time. There are so many things involved, we cannot see and yeah he wants to see me too. He makes me happy and he said i make him happy too…. I don’t mind doing a long distance relationship but i can’t make decisions for him.

    I have done my part, he knows I crushed on him back in camp but I cannot ask him to date him. It’s sad and I’m heartbroken.

    • ATL's finest

      July 25, 2016 at 7:20 pm

      @ Dazey book ?????? so sorry about thaT just remember God’s ways isn’t ours. Yours will discover u/ locate U IJN.

    • christine

      July 25, 2016 at 11:59 pm

      my dear give it a trail be open about it to him. talk to God in prayas about it. if his yours no distance can separate you guyz ,one to read ur wedding story on bella naija soon

    • Me

      July 29, 2016 at 2:00 pm

      Awwww Dazey 🙁
      You know what, you keep your feet on the ground, focus on your life and whoever is meant for you will come at the right time. I know it’s hard to forget someone you want something with but sometimes what we want is not what is best for us. Trust God through it hun. All the best.

  3. Laila

    July 25, 2016 at 8:34 am

    Awwwww…!!! from chance encounter in the Market to Mr. & Mrs. And some will say times have changed lol! Classic story of ‘boy meets girl’. may God bless their union, and bless everyone reading this with oodles of love.

  4. LeliciousW

    July 25, 2016 at 9:09 am

    One word – BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. K

    July 25, 2016 at 10:27 am

    ? I wish them happiness in their marriage.

  6. Mahka

    July 25, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Such a lovely couple…Gosh that engagement video made me cry,now am waiting for Mr Right like kilode???Father Lord bless all singles waiting to be married with their destined partners in Jesus name Amen.Soon am gonna be sharing my own testimony on BN.

    What a morning,so emotional…too early,wedding/marriage goosebumps.

  7. Mr. Egghead

    July 25, 2016 at 11:29 am

    “. . .and on April 16th 2014, a simple message from me turned into a 3 day chat non-stop”

    Oga should share the message na!
    I only get ‘k’, ‘lol’ and even ‘hmmmm’ from these women

    • StageFrightFan

      July 25, 2016 at 12:09 pm

      Lol perhaps you’ve been saying the wrong things to them. What have you been saying.

      Beautiful pictures though. I’m going for camp in October by God’s Grace but I’m not tapping into this testimony joor. Mine shall come at the right time.

    • Fola Olatunji-David

      July 25, 2016 at 12:52 pm

      Hahahaha… Useful tip: make her laugh;)

    • Kiiki

      July 25, 2016 at 6:55 pm

      Isi-Akwa, Set your priorities straight…one day about to marry, next day searching. Loooollllll!

  8. Great Lady

    July 25, 2016 at 12:53 pm


  9. Lois

    July 25, 2016 at 12:56 pm

    God bless this couple. May their home be filled with love and happiness

  10. Lady

    July 25, 2016 at 1:03 pm

    Congrats Fola!! Coursemate of life who was always signing for me back in Uni. Wishing you the very best!! you caught a beautiful one

  11. Dazey

    July 25, 2016 at 1:28 pm

    I’m still crushing on my nysc crush till date. I’m sad i never had the guts to talk to him in camp.
    1 year after service and i found him on instagram after searching for months because i didn’t even know his name, after liking his pictures for 2 months, i finally sent a dm and we’ve been chatting non stop.
    Unfortunately for me, he’s not based in Nigeria and only came back for service, dude is going back to base in few weeks time. we cannot even hangout because we are not in the same state. I cannot even take a break from work.
    Worst part is the crush refuse to be crushed. I find myself falling for him daily and I’ve dropped so many hints for him.

    Sorry to digress, Happy married life to the you guys. I love the engagement video.

  12. Lovely

    July 25, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Simply wonderful

    You see the others saying i cant date a corp member, i cant date anyone around me, i cant this, i cant that….


  13. tolu4show

    July 25, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    I totally have a crush on this guy I met at my mum’s friend’s mother’s wakekeep. It turns out that is his grandma. He doesnt even live in Nigeria. I haven’t stopped thinking about him since. God help me??

  14. Mido

    July 25, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    Beautiful, beautiful photos ? the proposal video is everything…. and oh Biodun is such a shy girl. Lol
    Happy married life people

  15. nnenne

    July 26, 2016 at 3:13 am

    Nice to see a non-bleaching bride!

  16. owo ni koko

    July 26, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Mehn it is good to have money.. when you have money all them proposals and whatnot will be so easy and fun and loving.

  17. Crushing

    July 27, 2016 at 6:47 am

    Funny thing is that my crushes don’t wanna notice me. After all the hint giving. Matthew. Oluwa the boo provider Biko provide a boo for me na. I get terribly lonely at times. Yes don’t tell me to focus on your career and all that shit cos at times there is just this void that has to be filled. OK bye

  18. feranmy

    July 27, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    wow what a day!

  19. Dammy's queen

    July 28, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    wow…what a surprise proposal? have been smiling all d way watching. so wonderful…..i wish them loads of love and butterflies in their marriage

  20. Truth-be-told

    July 30, 2016 at 10:54 am

    For me, I don’t know if to say I am soooooo naive that I never realise when they have a crush on me. It is only afterwards when it comes up in a conversation, or a mutual friend tells me, that I am like “oh really? ??? I never knew”. Rewind to my first year Uni, Art/drama class, I caught this really cute, tall guy gazing at me. Yep!!!!! gazzzing. I’m sure he didn’t know I was going to turn around when I did. I was too shy to smile back ( I guess he was embarrassed that I caught him staring….lol…), I instead looked away. I only saw him twice after that and then like a flash, never again. He used to drive a red v – boot and fold the sleeves of his shirt in the cutest of ways). Fast forward to the present day, I still think of him.?

  21. Truth-be-told

    July 30, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    For me, I don’t know if to say I am soooooo naive that I never realise when they have a crush on me. It is only afterwards when it comes up in a conversation, or a mutual friend tells me, that I am like “oh really? ??? I never knew”. Rewind to my first year Uni, Art/drama class, I caught this really cute, tall guy gazing at me. Yep!!!!! gazzzing. I’m sure he didn’t know I was going to turn around when I did. I was too shy to smile back ( I guess he was embarrassed that I caught him staring….lol…), I instead looked away. I only saw him twice after that and then like a flash, never again. He used to drive a red v – boot and fold the sleeves of his shirt in the cutest of ways). Fast forward to the present day, I still think of him.

    • purplieciousbabe

      August 2, 2016 at 12:20 am

      In fairness, there was nothing stopping him from approaching you tho!

  22. Gracey

    August 6, 2016 at 7:01 am

    Yayyyy… I’m excited for Fola.. congratulations dear.

  23. Pellz

    August 9, 2016 at 1:58 am

    That first picture (bride’s white wedding) is everything. Soo beautiful, like she was cut out of an art piece. *kizzez*in Falz’s voice…

  24. Mia

    August 9, 2016 at 3:34 am

    Very cute couple! Beautiful wedding dress. Lovely proposal. God bless them.

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