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‘Tale Means Business: 5 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed in This Noisy World

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'Tale AlimiThe business world is noisy! Especially in this day and age of the Internet and social media where you can start a business in a number of minutes by launching a Facebook or Instagram page and announcing your new product or service to the world. According to Forbes, an average of 18,000 new businesses are started every day, with the majority of them being home based businesses.

Statistics show that 5 new profiles are created on Facebook every second and an average of 4.75billion pieces of content are shared daily. This means that your potential customers might forget your business offer in less than a minute – as soon as they move on to the next interesting piece of content!

Little wonder, over 50% of small businesses who do not have the financial and marketing savvy fail in the first 5 years of business.

So how do you position your business to survive and get noticed in this noisy world?

Have a clear message
Your message should be clear and simple. Using the acronym K.I.S.S: keep it simple and straight forward. Most of the time, our consumers are not as savvy as we are. We understand all the jargons of our industry, but our consumers are more concerned about the product or service and what it can do for them.  Simple means you clearly show what you are selling, who the product or service is meant for and where they can get it.

Please leave all the fancy terms for the highly savvy marketers with big budgets. Your goal is to communicate swiftly with your target market and help them make a decision fast.

Have a unique image
Image is everything! Unfortunately that statement rings true especially in a world where we are moved by appearance. That is why celebrities take time to create the image that they are living the most fabulous lifestyle. It makes people to want to be like them. In the same vein, that is why brands spend time on packaging to create the illusion of luxury and added value so we can gravitate to that experience.

To stand out, you have to have a unique business image. This means you need to pay attention to your brand and brand aesthetics, your message and even your language.  The way your communicated your brand and image determines the type of people you attract. This is why two companies selling the same thing might attract a different set of people, just because of how they portray themselves.

Develop your platform
A platform is the means with which you will reach your potential customers regularly. Social media is an easy way to build a platform and one of my clients has leveraged Instagram to grow her natural hair business into an 8- figure business.  A couple of years ago when I worked in consulting, I wrote a weekly column in a popular business newspaper, which was a platform through which we reached our potential clients. You need to find a platform that works well for your business and will allow you engage regularly with your current and potential customers.

Your platform allows you to build a relationship and share of mind with them. Michael Hyatt is an expert on building a platform so you can check out his website and blog to get more tips.

Get the word out
I am sure you have heard the saying, ‘people only buy from people or organisations they know, like and trust.’ The truth is, people want to know you first, before they like and trust you. So how do you get word out and build K.L.T especially on a small budget? A few ways are; customers referrals, sharing testimonials, case studies and content marketing.

Be consistent
Consistency trumps buzz in the long run. If you don’t want your business to be a flash in the pan, you have to be consistent. A brand is built through consistent engagement and delivery of result. When you decide a platform you want to use, make sure it is a platform you can be consistent with.

Recently, I started a daily learning scope on periscope, but I was not able to sustain it because it meant I had to show up online every day and it was a drain on my time and resources. However, writing ‘Tale Means Business’ every other week, makes it easier to be consistent as I can fit it into my schedule.

Those are a few of my tips to get your business noticed in this noisy word. Interested in learning more? My upcoming masterclass might interest you. See details HERE. Do you want to recession proof your business? Download my free guide HERE.

'Tale Alimi is the Co-founder and current CEO of Owoafara, a fund matching and business support platform for African MSME's. She is also the Lead strategist of Tale Alimi Global; a strategy consulting boutique focused on working with visionary and forward thinking SME's to take their business from small to scale. She is the author of Uplevel and her latest book Small to Scale. She has a Masters in Business Administration from Lagos business school, a certificate in personal coaching from the coaching academy UK. She is a social innovation fellow with the startingbloc institute in the United States. When she is not thinking about innovative business models, she is an avid fitness enthusiast. Learn more about her new startup Owoafara:( Get daily business inspiration when you follow her on twitter ( and get an insight into her life on Instagram (

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