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After the Amazing Dare2Dream Season 3 Bootcamp, Who is going to be Crowned the Ultimate Winner at the Grand Finale Today?




Ahead of the Grand Finale on Sunday, September 11th, 2016, 18 girls were selected and some flew from Calabar and Port Harcourt to Lagos to join the 6 from UNILAG at the Federal Palace Hotel and casino. Francesca, producer of Dare2Dream briefed the girls on the rules and regulations and the calendar of the bootcamp.


Dare2Dream Day 11: 1st day of bootcamp
The 1st day of the bootcamp was filled with activities and inspiration and it started at the FCMB Founder’s place in VI, with Adesuwa Oyenokwe, a mother, reporter, journalist and proud owner of Today’s Woman Magazine and Kelechi Amadi-Obi Storyteller, Celebrity Photographer and Owner Mania Magazine.

Kelechi Amadi-Obi, encouraged the participants to “strive for Excellence, strive for perfection, and success will follow”. “Humility is you understanding that life is a journey, and that there is still a journey ahead”

Adesuwa continued saying:“You are who you decide to be, Your soul is fed by what you consume in your mind, Fear means False expectations appearing real”

The Dare2Dream Team then moved to Imperial Leather HQ to be mentored in Luxury marketing “Luxury branding is not about getting a consumer to choose a luxury brand over the competition. It is about getting them to see the brand as the only solution to their desire” she states. At the end of the presentation the girls are given the task of creating a digital campaign for imperial leather to be presented to the management. The Team headed back to the hotel to meet with Bolajo Fawenhimi for a class in grooming, followed by posing and modelling. The day ends with the singing class by Falana, who is preparing the girls for the Grand Finale.

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Dare2Dream Day 12: Masterclass in Creative Directing and Colour Trends We don’t stop
Day 12 started with an amazing masterclass by Creative Director, Tokyo James, who shared with the 18 participants his story and the keys for creative directing.


“Under-promise but always over-deliver.”; followed by Veronica Akporu, Maybelline NY who gave a masterclass on colour trends and said: “You don’t need too much makeup to look beautiful”.

At the end of the masterclasses, Tokyo James divided the girls in 7 teams to shoot the Kinabuti New Collection as part of the Canoe colour trends campaign using Da Viva fabrics.

Each team included a creative director, a model and a stylist, liaising with make up artists from Maybelline NY, photographer Marcello Pastonesi and Kinabuti designer Caterina Bortolussi for the execution of the Canoe photoshoot.


Day 13 | First Round of Elimination and the Luxury Marketing Task by Imperial Leather continues
It is Day 13 in the Dare2Dream bootcamp and the time has come for elimination 1 based on the scores that the participants received in modelling, singing, creative direction for the Canoe Photoshoot, Marketing luxury team work for Imperial Leather and on the FCMB Challenge part 1. Tears were shed and 5 candidates were requested to leave the project.

The 12 dare2dream contestants that passed elimination 1, joined their respective Teams and continue the Luxury marketing task: production of an Online Campaign.

Team Style and Team Luxury worked relentlessly in the production of their online campaign to be presented to the board of Imperial Leather on Day 15 who will nominate the winning team.


Day 14 | Media Mentorship at Cool Fm and The Guardian Digital
Day 14 started at Cool FM with an interview for the 12 finalists with Mannie & the Angels, followed by a masterclass on presenting conducted by Mannie itself, who said “Allow your passion to drive you with preparation, Think globally”.

IMG_0819 IMG_0824

The Dare2Dream team then moved to the Guardian Digital HQ where they were mentored by digital media specialists: Daryn Wober who said: “The better way of connecting with people is through media, Technology has changed the way things are being done”, followed by Tomiwa Aladekomo “There is no limit to how far you can go if you work hard, Having information is the most powerful thing in the world”. Kate Williams also added “Information is important but what you do with it, it’s more important, It’s one thing to win, its another to be relevant”.

IMG_0829 IMG_0827

The Day continued with Maje Ayida who spoke about fitness and success “Self awareness is the most important thing to understand on your journey in life, Create habits that you would use later in life” and conducted a work out session with the Dare2dream finalists.


The Day in the bootcamp never ends, the girls needed to complete the Luxury marketing Task.

Day 15 | FCMB Challenge Part2 and presentation of the Luxury Marketing Task
After a sleepless night, trying to rehearse the presentation for the Imperial Leather Luxury marketing task, the 12 contestants headed to the FCMB founders place to meet with mentors: Ejiro Amos-Tafiri (designer), Stephanie Busari (Head of CNN West Africa), Azuka Ogujiuba (Fashion Journalist) who shared their personal story and words of encouragement. The time came for the contestants to present their online campaign to the marketing panel of imperial leather and team style emerged as the winner and 2 members of Team Luxury got eliminated. It was emotional and many contestants shed tears seeing their team defeated and their colleagues leaving the project.

IMG_0920 IMG_0883 IMG_0923 IMG_0927 IMG_0886 IMG_0932

Day 16 | Mock Casting at Wazobia TV
Castings, castings, casting. Day 16 started at Wazobia TV with Edewor, Caesar and Minnie Marj doing a TV casting for the participants of Dare2Dream.

Every participant was scored and given feedback and 3 contestants were chosen for their best performance to cover the red carpets of Lagos over the weekend.

From Wazobia TV, the Dare2Dream Team headed to Kinabuti to cast Few models to join the Fashion show for the Grand Finale and train in Modelling.

The Grand Finale is on Sunday, September 11th 2016 and the girls train relentlessly in modelling, singing, dancing.

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