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“Battle of the Sexiest” with Kenyan Star Nick Mutuma & Chiagoziem | WATCH a New Episode of Akah Bants on BN TV



Akah Nnani is out with a new episode of ‘Akah Bants’ and this time he is with ‘This is it’ Stars Nick Mutuma and Chiagoziem Nwakanma.

He says:

So my guy and fellow actor Nick Mutuma came into town last week and we decide to meet up. Now, if you don’t know Nick, you’re not on this planet. The home boy is cold blooded. He has been on all 4 seasons of MTV’s Shuga and he is considered one of the most promising Kenyan movie stars. Anyway, Nick was here to promote the launch of a new Online TV series ‘This is it’ which also stars the beautiful Chiagoziem Nwakanma. So I dropped by his hotel room only to find this home boy running thinz. But once we got that out of the way, we talked about everything from his new project to Mark Zuckerberg trip to Africa, the casting of Black Panther, relationships and so on. We even do a ‘battle of the sexiest’ challenge – which I need you guys to vote on. Check out the new episode and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Watch it here:

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