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BN TV: It’s Part 2 of “Husbands who Don’t Know their Wives” on Dear Young Wife with Tomi Odunsi & Chef Olurin



Do you set your partner up by not trying to help him remember special dates? Do you punish him for not remembering; by denying of sex, food or completely ignoring him and keeping malice?

Husbands, do you come up with an aggressive defence or you just apologize and move on or just ignore her? Are you upset that she knew and failed to try to remind you?

Wives, do you know you can forget too? All this and more on a new episode of Dear Young Wife with Tomi Odunsi & Chef Olurin.

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  1. Tosin

    October 29, 2016 at 6:35 am

    This is great for guys to learn. You’re not just an ATM machine lol, discover your heart lol. Remember the birthday AT LEAST.

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