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HTL Lagos Presents “Affordacity And The Invention of Isi-Ewu” Exhibition on Urban Planning and Design | October 8th



Hubcity Tech Limited

Hubcity (Tech) Limited (HTL) will be hosting an exhibition on urban planning and design in 21st century Africa named “Affordacity And The Invention Of Isi-Ewu”.

The exhibition is supported by the Federal Republic of Germany through the Consulate General in Lagos and the Goethe Institut. Affordacity is, simply put, affordable city.

The idea, which birthed the design and, eventually the exhibit itself, came from sleepless nights of research on the best solution to the paucity of affordable real estate to millions of middle-class Nigerians.

The exhibition will reveal HTL’s innermost thoughts on the merger of exquisite, yet sensible, design with relatively cheap constructions topped up with farm-housing as never seen in these parts.

The opening ceremony, which holds on the 8th of October 2016 at the Goethe Institut, located in City Hall, Lagos, kicks off at 4PM.

For enquiries contact +234 (0) 706 533 8250 or mail [email protected]


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