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Promoting a product or service has never been a thing I enjoy doing. However, Ping Express has changed the way I complete a transfer from the US to Nigeria, said Samuel. Transactions are completed within seconds from when they are initiated directly from my mobile phones, which is like being part of a family. Ping Express are far and above all other money transfer or fintech companies. As a recent winner in the Ping Express become a millionaire today campaign, I am excited and my dear mum had an unending joy of winning an extra N10,000.  I hope I win the grand prize of N1 million. #BecomeAMillionaireToday.


You could be a lucky winner in Ping Express’ become a millionaire today campaign.

Every day between now and December 22, your beneficiary could receive N10,000 or GHS 80 as we select a daily winner for transactions terminating in Nigeria or Ghana. The grand prize of N1 million or GHS 10,000 will be selected on December 22, 2016 in time for a smile-filled year end celebrations. There is no limit to the number of entries you can make. So the more transactions you complete, the more chances your beneficiaries have of winning.

It’s your beneficiaries turn to #BecomeAMillionaireToday

Visit: to get started.

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