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A Story of Love and Restoration: WATCH the Trailer for “Colourless”



“Colourless” tells the story of how the intimate relationship between twin brothers Dave and Ralph, was broken as a result of an accident on their tenth birthday. The affected twin, Dave, is bent on frustrating the life of his brother and that of everyone else around them. It is a continual battle to restore this love that was once shared. With so much love and attention, there is a limit hate can go.

The movie stars, Anne Njemanze, Stan Nze, Chris Okagbue, Judith Audu, Odera Orji, Gregory Ojefua and Blessing Onwukwe.

Shot in Lagos, the movie was produced by Stan Nze and directed by Sobe Charles Umeh.

It will be out in cinemas from December 9th 2016.

WATCH the trailer:

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