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Budding Womenswear Designer SULE Debuts Caged Emotions for SS’17 Collection

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Budding womenswear label, SULE under the Creative Direction of Francis Sule (Runner up winner of season 1 Fayrouz L’original) has released its debut offering for Spring/Summer 2017. According to Francis, the label’s seasonal narrative was inspired by the Essence of Hibernation and the Beauty of Post Hibernation, a blank phase every creative goes through at one point in time.

“I felt my entire being was caged. I felt the need to explore, the need to fight and rediscover my strengths and true self by retreating,” says the designer, Francis Sule.

The pieces aptly reflect the designer’s primary references of Neo-Asian culture and martial arts.

See the Photos

sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-ayane-shirt-dress-look-2_01_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-chikara-combat-dress-look-5_02_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-dinma-babydoll-dress-look-12_03_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-jani-blouse-x-bamboo-pants-look-1_04_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-jato-panel-dress-look-6_05_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-kasumi-cocktail-dress-look-8_14_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-kiyoko-set-look-9_06_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-kuro-bib-set-look-4-_07_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-kuro-bib-set-look-4_08_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-meilin-dress-look-11_09_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-sento-slip-dress-look-10_11_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-shibumi-set-look-7_12_bellanaija sule-debuts-caged-emotions_-shiro-temple-dress-look-3_13_bellanaija

Photography: @ipinayo
Styling: @thestyleinfidel
Muse: @chika7star
Set Design/Edits: Francis Sule | @francissule


  1. Well done

    December 12, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Beatiful,,,,with fascinating structural designs!

  2. Adaolisa

    December 12, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    Love,love,love.The colours are so captivating. It’s a collection for the fierce woman.

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