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BBC Comedy Sketch – “The Real Housewives of ISIS” – Causes Stir on Social Media | WATCH the Trailer

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BBC comedy sketch is raising sparks online for being “insensitive” and “in bad taste”.

Termed, The Real Housewives of ISIS, the show depicts brides of terrorists taking selfies and showing off suicide belts.

While some find it to be great humour, others say it is insensitive and criticises Islam.

Ursula Lindo wrote on Facebook: “I’m mortified that the BBC had produced such a programme. This is simply bad taste. The fact it is a comedy makes it even more worrying that humour should be associated with the actions of ISIS. Is this really what TV licenses are funding!?”

“The humor is only funny if you look down on someone else and enjoy seeing them unhappy because they are not white and Christian,” another Facebook user said.

“This is fantastic…….people bang on about politically incorrect humour ….this is brave & funny & about time we poked fun at these morons! Even Muslims will love this!” Timmy Ponchio said.

‘The Real Housewives Of Isis’ was written by Jolyon Rubinstein and Heydon Prowse as part of the new series of Revolting on BBC Two.

The series is produced by Hat Trick Productions.

Watch below:


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