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The Fiery Series: Celebration of The Modern African Woman

BellaNaija Style



The art in a portrait actually begins with the photographer, in their ability to draw out and simultaneously capture the strengths and weaknesses of the subject.

A great portrait has the subjects engaged and involved in its creation and the “Fiery Series” is no exception. It portrays how multi-hued, dynamic and resourceful the African woman is.

Influenced by the melanated skin of the African woman, the series seeks to provoke a positive attitude towards her and to bridge the gap between foreign and indigenous by clothing her in exotic apparel, introducing colors that compliment a skin awash with melanin.

Shooting without makeup to show the natural beauty of the black African woman with the addition of smoke and motion with a hint of strength coupled with sexiness.

Inspired by how the modern African woman is passionate about everything she loves, and her non-tolerance for being stepped upon, disregarded and considered a weak vessel, the series shows a new African woman, a fiery African woman, who burns with love for positivity and a desire to succeed against all odds.

As such, the series took on a seasoned and discerned approach a creative work which resulted in a timeless, elegant and understated yet expressive style of photography

See more photos and behind the scene, videos below

Part 1

Part 2


Studio and BTS: Sela Atitsogbui | @pixslrate
Support: William Quartey | @william_quartey_
Photographer: Shadrach Junie Annang  | @phloshop
Photographer and Retoucher: Joseph Amoateng | @phloshop
Editor: Yvonne Opoku Minta | @ms_maame_yeboah

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  1. funmilola

    January 17, 2017 at 11:39 am

    this doesn’t make sense at all. if I’m a new African woman that is fiery as written above, what has my breast got to do with it? what is it with linking a woman’s worth with her body parts?,enough of these abeg

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