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Three Easy Ways to Open a Zenith Bank Account



Our superlative services are now available to everyone as you can now open an account at Zenith Bank with just N1000. We have also made it super easy to open your account with us. You can do this in one of three ways:

  1. Dial *966*0# – You can instantly open an account via our Eazybanking service by dialing the shortcode *966*0# from any phone and following the prompts. You will instantly receive your account number and you can accept deposits into it right away. You will however need to visit a branch to complete your documentation and activate your account.
  2. Open your Account Online – You can also open your account online by filling our Account Opening Form at You will also receive your account number instantly and can accept deposits into it immediately. Activation of the account will, however, still need to be done at the nearest branch.
  3. Visit our nearest branch: With so many branches nationwide, we are likely to be down the road or around the corner from you. Just walk in and our customer service units will be thrilled to help you open your account.

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