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Victoria Inyama, Daniel K Daniel & Belinda Effah Star in a New Romance Drama | Get the Scoop on “Talking Dolls”



‘’Talking Dolls’’ is an unpredictable kaleidoscope of drama, thriller, and suspense, carefully built up to a climactic epic finale and has a breath-taking build up that sees two colorful, but opposite characters become love birds, losing far beyond their expectations.

The movie was produced by Marc Adebesin, directed by Sukie Oduwole and it features Daniel K. Daniel, Belinda Effah, Tamara Komboye, Mofe Duncan,  Mike Olaribigbe , & veteran Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama & more

Talking Dolls’ was shot in the heart of London, Kent, and Essex and is to be released in U.K, Ghanaian and Nigerian cinemas in the second quarter of 2017.


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