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“2Baba you are a hero because a wise man lives to fight another day” – Actress Amarachi Igidimbah narrates how she was attacked during a 2015 Presidential Rally



Nollywood actress, Amarachi Igidimbah has called on those slamming musician 2Baba for cancelling his planned protest against government at all levels to have a rethink.

She stated this on Instagram, recalling how she and her friend were attacked by hoodlums during a presidential campaign rally in 2015.

Kindly Google my name or just Type AMARACHI IGIDIMBAH on YouTube, you will see my story, I was a VICTIM of 2015 presidential campaign rally, most People know this story, because it was on Linda Ikeji’s blog and many other blogs, and most people don’t know the story, but I want to tell you now, it happened in Ajah Lagos state, at about 4pm.

I was not even participating in the rally, I was just in front of a shop where I made a purchase, waiting for my receipt, then the campaign van approached with lots of people singing and jubilating including bikers, in a flash of 10seconds, 2 guys walked up to me and my friend, 1 stabbed me in the eye and took away my 2phones and wallet.

The other attacked my friend and tore her clothes up to her bra while they were struggling for her phones until she started shouting and drawing attention, then the hoodlums disappeared into the crowd, no one even noticed what had happened, until another 1 minute or more and I was in my own pool of blood, it was only by God’s grace I didn’t loose my left eye, because fortunately for me the hoodlum stabbed me on my eyebrow.

I know some people might suggest it was a set up… IT WASN’T, because I wasn’t their only victim that day. So I want to tell Y’all this morning that the cancellation of this Protest is a sign for me that God indeed answers prayers… To all those blaming Tuface, U should please have a rethink, or better still bring out your friends and family and Lead the protest , then be the Hero to Nigerians ? To Tuface Idibia @official2baba YOU ARE A HERO because a wiseman lives to fight another day, who knows what might have happened to innocent citizens or even you…. Please fellow Nigerians, as You Go to church this morning PRAY FOR NIGERIA …GOD PLEASE SAVE NIGERIA


  1. Mrs O

    February 6, 2017 at 8:29 am

    Nigeria is NOT worth Dying for!!!

  2. elyon

    February 6, 2017 at 9:31 am

    Sad but pure truth. We look up to God and God alone for restoration of our nation.

  3. Beard gang

    February 6, 2017 at 10:33 am

    sadly, God will not come down and fix power, pay salaries, fix infrastructure, create good and affordable healthcare etc HEAVEN HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES… protests are in some cases violent(usually caused by hoodlums),subject to governmental intimidation, exhausting, monotonous etc but ultimately they bring about the change the people want…imagine martin Luther didn’t stand for what he believed in? imagine countries didn’t stand up to Hitler? imagine women didn’t push back intimidation in London? nothing good comes easy! we can’t just sit back and suffer when we could have done something… so sorry about your incident but it is the way battles are won…there always has to be a few ‘casualties’ and ‘losses’ … imagine nobody fought boko haram because we were all scared for our lives? please let us encourage those who are prepared to give their all; it is for a noble cause which will eventually benefit all if effective ..this government will bury us if we all do nothing…the sacrifice is worth it my dear…a person who cannot stand for something will fall for anything(to those who don’t believe in positivity)

  4. Beard gang

    February 6, 2017 at 10:35 am

    ” there always HAVE to be a few ….” gosh errors!!

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