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#BBNaija: Day 53 – Housemates Present their “Make a Change” Task and Biggie Gives Them till the End of the Week to Win Their Wager + More Highlights!



Did you what Day 53 of the Big Brother Reality TV show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


Focused and having fun!

Everyone was up bright and early this morning and on HoH Bassey’s insistence, they headed out to the front yard to begin rehearsal for their presentation tonight. After his heated argument with Debie-Rise about the creative direction of the presentation, it was good to see everyone listening and following instructions as the whole thing took shape. By the end of their rehearsal they were already focusing on details like three part harmonies and polishing their individual monologues though some Housemates seem more prepared than others.

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Having conquered something that had been a source of much conflict and debate, the Housemates shuffled indoors with lots of excited, screams and crazy antics following. Bassey went around giving everyone hickeys on their arms which didn’t seem to bother the ladies much. TTT tried to do the same with TBoss who giggled before swatting him away.

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Debie-Rise donned her now infamous, faux-Indian accent and went around the House terrorising everyone and bestowing her chosen last name, “Rise” on all of them! Bisola, who was busy with breakfast seemed slightly annoyed with her as she screamed “Bisola-Rise you have a big *ss! It too will rise.”

“Bassey!” She yelled grabbing her next victim from behind and placing her hands on his chest, “I can feel your nipples rising and as they rise so do mine!”. All our HoH could do was let out an exasperated “What are you doing?” and laugh.

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Bisola and TTT then made breakfast and everyone tucked into the burger patties they’d made. (No french toast today) and Marvis complemented them for the “delicious” meal once everyone was done tucking in.

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Joining forces for the greater good

Things got tense yesterday as Biggie pit the Housemates against one another in a series of gruelling Tasks that saw them wolf down slabs of frozen chocolate and work their way through a rope maze in order to finish first and claim victory!

In both instances TTT beat Efe, TBoss beat Bisola, Marvis beat Debie-Rise and Bally beat Bassey. Efe, in particular didn’t take the loss well and seemed to be in a bad mood after the Task, explaining that he was a winner at heart and didn’t like coming second best.

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Today, Biggie asked them to create posters in the same pairs. Their artworks had to highlight the plight of the homeless, underprivileged or any other marginalised group. After Bassey called a meeting to clear up what they were going to focus on, Efe and TTT went outside to get started. Everyone else joined them outside later on and Bisola started fooling around and speaking in a posh, British accent as she flirted with all the boys! “Oh Master Tony! Please paint me with all your brushes!” she gleefully squealed as everyone laughed! TTT seemed annoyed as he was focused on trying to get his painting done.

Lady Bisola eases the mounting tension

In order to guarantee a wager win, Bassey decided it will be a good idea to create a musical presentation that represented Mary (the totem of selflessness and kindness) and everything they were trying to accomplish that week. They worked on their routine all morning and had made quite a bit of headway. While his decision to do an extra Task showed great initiative it would also seem he preempted Biggie’s plans and created a conundrum for the Housemates. Why? Well, Biggie gave them explicit instructions for a completely different Task that they had to get ready for in only a few hours.

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For this week’s Official presentation, they had to once again work in their pairs to create a song or poem that addressed a problem faced by the communities they were from. They would then have to follow up this performance with an explanation of the solutions they would implement in order to remedy this situation. The Housemates were already hard at work creating their ‘Make a Change’ posters, each portraying the plight of underprivileged or marginalised people. These too would have to be explained in the big presentation.

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Looks of exasperation washed over the faces of the Housemates as they realised how much work they would now have to cram into a very short space of time. Bisola immediately sighed and said what was on everyone’s mind, “So everything we rehearsed was a waste of time?” Marvis was quick to interject and point out that their own musical presentation could be an addendum to the main Task and Bassey immediately agreed.

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Once they were outside Bisola began playing Lady Bisola again but this time she lamented about how Master Tony didn’t like her but loved a “Boss Lady with tattoos of flowers all over her body!” The shots could not have been more direct and TBoss giggled awkwardly while TTT tried his best to focus on his painting and ignore Bisola’s damning accusation. All the while, everyone else laughed at her outrageous jokes about all the other men including “Master Bally” and “Master Is It My Fault”.

Make a Change Task Presentation

As the Housemates trooped into the Arena, Biggie informed them that they were to present their team poster painting as well as their poems/songs first, and the order of the presentations was as follows:

Team one: Bally and Bassey

Team two: Debie-Rise and Marvis

Team three: ThinTallTony and Efe

Team four: TBoss and Bisola.

Team Bally and Bassey focused their poems and painting on the plights of the Internally Displaced People in our communities who are forced to live in squalor in the various IDP camps in the northern parts of the country. The plight of these people really touched their hearts and they pledged to actively pursue this cause once their journeys in the BBNaija House was completed.

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Team Debie-Rise and Marvis themed their poems and painting “Don’t waste, feed a mouth today” and they focused on the less privileged members of the society who basically depend on scavenging. Their cause was for people to stop wasting and consider that whatever they do not need or want should be considered viable to others.

34 team2 1 004 pre

Team TTT and Efe focused their campaign on the plights of the widows in their community as well as the lack of potable drinking water. Thes two causes seem to hold deep places in their hearts and their passionate plea didn’t escape Biggie’s attention as they were applauded by both the Housemates and Big Brother.

34 team 3 004 pre

Team TBoss and Bisola seemed to have gotten past their little squabble from earlier in the week and put together a presentation worthy of accolades. They merged both of their passions into one presentation which focused educating the less fortunate children in our society as well as helping and caring for the handicapped and special needs people.

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At the end of their group presentations, Biggie asked them to present their overall presentation which started off with some music from Debie-Rise and some dancing from TTT. The Housemates then assembled on the stage and finished their song with a bit of theatrics which culminated in a formation and a bow.

34 wager2

Sadly as impressive as the messages were, Big Brother wasn’t totally convinced they had won their wager but they didn’t lose their wager either; as Biggie gave them until the end of the week to try remedy whatever lapses they may have had and save their Wager.


  1. raymond

    March 16, 2017 at 11:43 pm

    Bisola and tboss are the leading team

  2. Lami

    March 17, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    I loved bisola and Tboss presentation

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