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Suspects Remove Trader’s Heart for Money Ritual after Failing to Rob him of N10m they Thought he had



The suspects. Photo Credit: PUNCH

Two suspects have confessed to killing a cashew trader, Akintoye Oyeyemi in the Ajase-Ipo area of Kwara state when they tried to rob him of N10m they thought he had, PUNCH reports.

Remove Trader’s Heart for Money Ritual after Robbing him of N100,ooo

While being paraded by the Oyo State Police Commissioner, Abiodun Odude, the suspects Gbenga Babalade, 40, and Tunde Jimoh, 37 said they killed Oyeyemi after robbing him of N100,000.

Gbenga had overheard the victim discussing a N10m deal with his (Gbenga’s) brother Olayinka Babalade, and conspired with his friend Tunde to rob him at the location. They also took his heart to be used for money ritual.


Odude said that an Alfa, Ahmed Olatunji, whom they contacted through a herbalist, Agboola Abubakar, 65 told them to get a human heart so that he can make them rich.

“To carry out their evil plan, Jimoh and Babalade under the pretext of doing business on February 24, 2017, lured the victim and robbed him of N100,000 before killing him with a gun. They removed his heart, severed his head and wrists for ritual.

After the victim’s wife reported that her husband was missing at Atiba police station in Oyo, the anti-kidnapping squad of the command investigated his disappearance and during investigation, Abubakar was arrested, leading to three more arrests,” Odude said.

Narrating the events that led to the killing, Gbenga said:

I helped my brother in cashew business. The person we killed was a partner to my brother. He came to discuss a deal with him and I heard about it. The deceased said he would bring N10m when he returned to complete the deal. I conspired with my friend who was around to rob him at Ajase-Ipo.

We picked him up at a location with a motorcycle and took him to a plantation. We thought he would have all the N10m but we only found N100,000 on him. Then my friend shot him, saying that he had to do it because the victim had recognised us. We later decided to remove his heart for the money ritual which was our initial plan. When we got to the Alfa, he said he could not do it again for us. He chased us away and told us to throw away the head and pour alcohol on the other body parts.

Tunde also admitted to the crime, adding that he introduced Gbenga to the herbalist. He also said that he failed to provide a human heart for the ritual after collecting money from Gbenga.

Photo Credit: PUNCH


  1. Suga

    March 25, 2017 at 8:45 am

    Ewoo, these ones are the Original yorouba demons. May God forbid evil for us and around us, amen. People please let’s learn to be wiser, imagine how this man’s life ended up because of a conversation he innocently had. Some people may think that bragging about with money will only attract attention and respect for them, these days it attracts even death. Sometimes you enter a public transport and you hear how people will be giving out very personal information loudly on the phone or even talking with a friend with them, you will just wonder about what ever happened to wisdom nowadays. Learn to be more discreet for your safety. I have just learnt from this story, I don’t know about you. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace, amen.

  2. Critique

    March 25, 2017 at 10:59 am

    They should also arrest the juju doctor for even asking for a human heart. How did he expect them to get it? Just a mess.

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