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“Mother of all Bombs” kills 36 ISIS Militants



The super bomb President Donald Trump dropped Thursday on tunnels in Eastern Afghanistan killed 36  ISIS militants, according to the Afghan Ministry of Defence. The blast, from the weapon dubbed the “mother of all bombs,” destroyed three underground tunnels as well as weapons and ammunition, but no civilian was hurt, said a Defense Ministry spokesman.

Trump said Thursday the bombing was “another successful job.” It is the third major military action his administration has taken in recent months, following a military raid in Yemen that left civilians and a U.S. Marine dead, and last week’s surprise strike on a Syrian airfield.

CNN had reported that the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb (MOAB) was dropped on ISIS positions in Nangarhar province, near the Pakistan border. It was the first time this type of bomb had been used in combat and was dropped from a MC-130 aircraft, Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump said. The 21,000-pound bomb, first tested in 2003, is known as the Massive Ordinance Air Blast bomb, or MOAB. In military circles, the acronym is known better as the “Mother of All Bombs.” CNN said the MOAB bomb was selected because the area targeted was in an extremely remote portion of the country, meaning risk to civilians was minimal. The sheer power of the blast would also be more effective in destroying underground tunnels carved out of the rocky terrain that other conventional bombs might not penetrate. The MOAB is so heavy it is carried over the target by a C-130 cargo plane, then essentially shoved out the back when it’s ready to be deployed.

The Nangarhar province, which was targeted borders Pakistan’s tribal area, a porous border that extremists have exploited in eluding coalition forces. A U.S. Marine was killed in that province last week amid ongoing counter-terrorism activities. So far, the extent of damage is still being collated. General John Nicholson, the head of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, said:

This is the right munition to reduce these obstacles and maintain the momentum of our offensive against ISIS-K

A local resident living around two kilometers (1.5 miles) from the blast told CNN he heard an “extremely loud boom that smashed the windows of our house.”

“We were all scared and my children and my wife were crying. We thought it had happened right in front of our house,” he said.

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  1. X

    April 15, 2017 at 6:31 am

    $16MILL for 36 militants only

    • curious

      April 15, 2017 at 7:39 am

      I see someone has gotten here before me with this foolish rhetoric. The bomb was used based on the advise of the U.S forces commander in Afghanistan. A four star general with plenty years of experience (not like the pot belly empty heads u have in the Nigerian army). Its not about the number of militants that were killed… But about the bunkers, underground tunnels and planning units that were destroyed. Those militants were not in that place to “fight”….they were there to plan and create space. If u are familiar with the Israeli Gaza war..u would know better.
      Besides the so-called mother of all bomb had been paid for long ago….and was not being used…these guys just found a use for it.
      I would have posted links here….but I don’t knw if the operators of this site would allow it.
      I am not a trump supporter….because I just don’t care about politics that much! Not even with Nigerian politics. But I am a student of WAR! Its just my hobby to study and read about stuff like this! So please forgive my “rashness” . But in a world where its so easy for us to find out the truth for ourselves. Its painful to see people spread malicious half truths aimed at deceiving the public.

  2. curious

    April 15, 2017 at 7:57 am

    To get. a balance view one has to always visit several news sources to get info about the same news. I Discovered not too long ago that some media houses always bent stories to suit an agenda they like to drive. Depending on who we listen to, we could all form different views about the same story. Aljazeera on a normal day would have been a good station, but they were the first people I noticed this act with. I thought CNN could be held to a higher standard…. But later discovered they sometimes play the same game. For example when ISIS first came out…i was watching aljazeera. And trust me these guys did a good job of downplaying how dangerous Isis was…it was until I saw it on a blog, the brutality of Isis…that was when I knew I WAS lost. They did the Same thing during the Israeli Palestinian war. Aljazeera reported the news to favour the Palestinians, CNN reported the news to favour Israel. Aljazeera went as far as ignoring the rockets fired by Hamas and CNN downplayed the unfairness and careless of Israeli defense forces in their fight against Hama’s. So many innocent children died for no reason.
    Pls let’s always try to get a balanced view before we judge.

  3. ndubuisi

    April 15, 2017 at 11:36 am

    Nice One @Curious

  4. Lailatu

    April 15, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Thanks Curious! I’m glad someone is finally doing something about that damn Isis.

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