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The Basics of Shooting a Commercial or Ad Campaign | Tokyo James AW17 Review – Watch Sharon Ojong’s ‘The SO Series’



Fashion enthusiast and Creative Communications Specialist, Sharon Ojong presents The SO Series. Every Tuesday this series will cover business sense and style, the business of fashion, TV and digital content production, branding, image and wardrobe management, PR, Media relations, how anyone can get involved, build a brand or career in the fashion industry and more.

Today’s episode is all about ‘The Basics of Shooting a Commercial or Ad Campaign | Tokyo James AW17 Review’.

Although brands are turning to a more hands-on approach in a bid to engage customers in today’s technology-driven world, ad campaigns will ultimately remain. Big business and brands will continue to step outside the norm to create fabulous images while retaining a consistent brand identity across all areas.

Creating these images for your brand isn’t just about joy and excitement, you will need to know the basics of shooting a commercial or ad campaign, how these images will catch the attention of your potential consumers, reach its market and communicate your brand story.

Enjoy this edition The SO Series below.

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  1. Chinwe

    April 23, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Debut…pronounced ‘day bu’ the t is silent same goes for the past tense debuted

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