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When the printing press was invented, the world, at the time, would have thought it had seen the best there is, or probably can be.

Today, we are experiencing the tech revolution. Books do not be printed to be read worldwide. You just need to put them in a pdf file, put it on a website, and direct people there to download. Or simply send it directly to them via email or social media. Payments do not need to be made in cash anymore too!

It may not be amazing to us because we met the technology behind it. But if a woman who passed on in the mid 20th century is opportuned to come back to the world today, she’ll testify of the awesomeness of what the world is today.

Bringing it back to you; you are capable of getting ANYTHING done if you put your heart to it and be focus. Never think anything is impossible, or that you’ve gotten the best there is to be gotten.

Don’t limit yourself; get up and start work.

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