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Section of Apapa-Wharf Dual Carriageway to be Shut Down for One Year



Babatunde Fashola as the handing over/signong of the MoU ceremony | Photo Credit: Instagram – @LukeshPhoto

The Minister of Works Power and Housing, Babatunde Raji Fashola has said that a section of the Apapa-Wharf Dual Carriageway will be shut down for a year due to its construction.

The minister said this while signing the Memorandum of Understanding and handing over of the project to its sponsors.

The section of the road, which measures two kilometers, is between the Nigerian Ports Authority and end of the bridge, and is expected to take one-year starting from Saturday.

The construction is expected to cost N4.34bn and is jointly sponsored by AG Dangote Construction Company Ltd, an arm of the Dangote Group, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and Flour Mills of Nigeria.

“We are embarking on what will be the final solution to the massive inconvenience. Businesses and residents in Apapa and its environment have had to endure for a couple of years.

I like to acknowledge the leadership role of Dangote and Flour Mills who are operators and have also contributed to making this reality. They are doing this as a total Corporate Responsibility without asking for tax holiday or reduction. We are also working on how to ensure free access to Tin Can Island.

From today that we are handing over the project, the road will take one year to be completed. We need the cooperation of all the stakeholders. There will be some discomfort on the way but we appeal for tolerance and perseverance. It will continue to get better, people should please ensure more to solve the challenge,” the minister said.

Joseph Makoju from Dangote said the project was part of the cooperate social responsibility of the company.

“This is part of our CSR. Businesses have to engage the community where they operate. Today’s CSR has gone to a higher level where we find ourselves embarking on a major infrastructural project,” he said.

Managing Director of Flour Mills, Paul Gbededo said that the construction will give succor to businesses located in Apapa.

“Apapa has become a very difficult place to work. With this project that the Federal Government has allowed to embark on, it will give succor to business. It has the biggest port in Nigeria and should not be taken with levity.”


  1. kkay

    June 18, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Good! Long overdue!!
    Did FG have to wait this long and for CSR from these companies?
    All over Lagos, where you have industrial areas like off Oba Akran Avenue, the roads are so terrible (the area where you have Mouka Foam, May and Baker etc). The heavy trucks put a lot of pressure on these roads.
    *WHY CAN’T THE FG AND STATE GOVT CONSTRUCT RAILWAYS IN THESE AREAS TO TRANSPORT CONTAINERS AND HEAVY INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS? – With all the taxes generated from these industries, one would expect the govt to do its work!

    We are so backward in this nation!

  2. Anslem Uchenna Ekeh

    June 18, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    This Government is really trying there best let us all give them time and support in which ever way we can to move democracy forward and APC Buhari lead government to the permanent site. Let us remember what happened to the Israelites what happened to them when they were in Egypt. And learn to exercise patient. This is my common advice and i just want to make a common sense.

  3. Baahiru Hakeem Ademilekan

    June 18, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    it’s is a very good idea for the federal government to handover the project to the two companies (Dangote and flour Mill companies)in order for the project to be executed in a very short of period….
    I will use these short period of time to implore all legocian and all truck driver to be patient so as to see the position solution of state…
    But my question here is that,hope the two companies will not be asking for and pass bed truck will pass and why are they handling the project to the two companies?

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