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Ochulo creates Surprise Runway Show at the Palms Mall

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Ochulo fashion brandIf you came through The Palms Shopping Mall on Saturday, July 29th, you probably noticed something of an event.

No, not just an event. Something a little more special.

A fashion flash mob. A “fash-mob” Is that even a thing?

Shoppers, out for a fun on an average Saturday at the mall got the surprise of their lives when music started blasting and they watched male and female models pop out dressed to the T, dramatically made up and strutting their stuff all over the mall with balloons and flags in hand.

It was obvious that the organisers (Ochulo) wanted to cause a disruption. Pleasant disruption this was.

Ochulo is a fast-rising and revolutionary fashion and lifestyle online destination for the stylish and fashionable individual showcasing the very best fashion and lifestyle brands from Africa and beyond.

The company is unique in aiming to disrupt the regular online shopping experience by offering brands with a dash of spunk and culture to its customers.

Ochulo fashion brand

To see what we mean, visit the website here.

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