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Chika Uwazie’s TalentBase: How To Plan The Perfect Fun Day Off At Work



So you and a couple colleagues have been saving up for a day off from work to soak in the sun, play some games and meet new fun people. You’re not entirely sure what to try out this time and there aren’t a lot of fresh ideas. Not to worry, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves for the perfect away day. Let’s go.

Be A Little Mischievous
What’s a day-off if you’re not going to write a cheesy out-of-office email. Believe me, “hi, I currently can’t respond to your email but will do…” sounds way too straightforward, add some spice. ‘Hiya! I’m taking a dip in three oceans today and can’t reply you while I play with dolphins. Have some fun while you wait for my reply’. Or you could say; “My friends and I are 10ft below sea level. I can only reply when I’m back on land. In the meantime, the dolphins send their regards.” Whatever you do, make it a fun response.

Invite A Friend
You definitely want to hang out and meet more people – a colleague’s fiancée, someone from another company you met off Twitter or someone from another department. This might also be a great chance to meet up your remote team member you only have chats with. Whoever you pick, invite them on time and keep them in the loop. Once your fun trip starts, do proper intros and break all the ice.

Like we said before, don’t pick the usually place or somewhere most people don’t like. Somewhere airy always works but remember to inform your party buddies so they come prepared with the right clothing and accessories. Venue provisions are really important. Before making a reservation, find out how much liveliness they can offer – food, music, activities and of course, space for your own activities.

You absolutely have to differentiate away day activities from team retreat games. Team retreats are planned towards relaxing, yes, but the games are skewed for team bonding. This time is just for fun and some personal glory! Don’t play Scavenger Hunt, instead do some Egg Drop race and see who amongst you has the most control (great to try out with beach sands). You’ll get another time to play chess for your team at the company retreat; for today do some Karaoke and laugh loudly at how much of your favourite song’s lyrics you didn’t know. But what’s a day off without some adrenaline popping? If you picked a resort where you can indulge in go-karting, by all means unleash the Fast and Furious rider in you.

Food Fun
If your host venue offers food services, order something light, this isn’t the time for jollof wars. Pack some chocolates too. They make for nice prizes for game winners. We know we said don’t have heavy foods, but enjoy the snack in loads and if you’re on a diet, consider this your cheat day.

Back at the office, everyone who got your out-of-office email is waiting for photos, don’t disappoint them. Take a trailer load of them, upload some to the company’s HR fun section before anybody asks and upload more when they ask. Be sure to show them your dolphin photo, if there was ever any. Haha!

Here’s a little something for the employers: tracking days-off and leaves of every single employee can be a daunting task when done manually. Lucky for you, many Payroll Software have the Leave Management module to help automate the process. 

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