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Paycode is the way out of getting stranded! Withdraw Cash & Pay for POS Transactions without a Card



PAycodeChioma was on her way to the office on one of those hectic Monday mornings. Just at the exit of Third Mainland Bridge, she noticed the funny sound and shaky movements of the car. Ha! Something is wrong… All these cars sef, won’t they give prior notice? Weekly meeting is just minutes away. So, she called the mechanic to pick it up and took a taxi to the office… Few hours later, mechanic called… “Madam, na the fan belt we need to change ooo and e cost well, well.” She knows Oga Mechanic doesn’t have a bank account, he prefers cash and coming to the office for cash is a ‘no-no’, time and distance

What will she do?

Kunle was at the mall shopping with bae, on a Saturday afternoon, those afternoons with bright and beautiful skies. Bae can shop for Africa!, and before long, the cart is full and it’s time to pay. Snap! Kunle has left his wallet at home again. No card and it’s one of those days the network is doing boju-boju, so the transfer refused to be successful. This also happened the last time and bae is beginning to lose confidence in him…

What will he do?

We’ve all experienced that OMG! moments when you are literally stranded and you wish the world should end. No, it shouldn’t. Life is too short to waste on stranded moments…

Get cash from the ATM or pay on POS without a card, USE PAYCODE.

From paying the mechanic to fix the car, to paying on POS in shopping mall or even sending some cash to your cousin in school, Paycode has got you!

Simply generate Paycode using your bank USSD, internet banking or bank mobile app and withdraw at the ATM using PAYCODE. You can also make payment on POS using Paycode.

Below are some banks and their Paycode USSD:

  • GTBank *737*13*Amount#
  • UBA *919*8*Amount#
  • Fidelity Bank *770*8*Amount#
  • Union Bank *389*032*Amount#
  • Wema Bank *945*8*Amount#
  • FCMB *322*214*8*Amount#
  • Heritage *322*030*8*Amount#

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