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Kim Kardashian talks Motherhood on Modest Cover for T Singapore’s New Issue

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Social media phenomenon Kim Kardashian is all covered up in a beautiful cover for  T Singapore, The New York Times Style Magazine‘s October 2017 issue wearing the season’s most regal pieces.

The 36-year-old reality star talks about how much her life has changed since she became a mom.

On being a mom: “My whole world is my kids, it’s all I care about… from literally every last thing that they do to what they wear, to all their activities. I love being their mom. I definitely don’t hang out with my friends as much just because I have to be with my kids.”

On dressing her kids: “It’s been such a fun journey to figure out how our kids like to dress and how to make cool clothes for kids. We’ve always been tailoring things and cutting things up, or taking dresses of mine and cutting them down to North’s size.”

On posting less on social media: “It’s funny – so much can go on at home but if you don’t post about it, people think it never happened. So they’ll say, ‘She hasn’t posted with her sisters, she must be in a huge fight.’ But it’s not what consumes me anymore, like how it used to… When you realize you can put a message out there and there are so many people listening, you look at life differently.”

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Photography: Dennis Leupold | @dennisleupold
Videography: Gabe Kimpson | @gabekimpson
Creative Direction: Jack Wang | @jackwangg & Jumius Wong | @jumiusw
Styling: Tok Wei Lun | @zhuoweilun
Hair: Chris Appleton | @chrisappleton1
Makeup: Makeup by Mario @makeupbymario
Nails: Khalie Phan
Producer: Christopher Sollinger | @sodachris
Set Design: Nicholas Buck
Photography assistant: Winston Kingstro

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