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Meghan Markle’s ex Producing Series about Divorced Woman marrying a British Prince



Meghan Markle's ex Producing Series about Divorced Woman marrying a British Prince - BellaNaijaMeghan Markle‘s ex husband Trevor Engelson is set to be a producer on a TV show about a divorced woman who marries into the British Royal family.

The show whose pilot has been greenlit by Fox, according to Deadline, will be centered around a divorced man who has to share the custody of his son with his estranged wife who has married a British prince.

The show has piqued people’s curiosity because Meghan Markle is now dating real life British prince Prince Harry.

The show is obviously fictional though, as Markle and Engelson do not have a child together.

The idea for the comedy, on the other hand, was birthed by this real life situation, after Engelson and Dan Farah in a conversation discussed what it would be like if Engelson and Markle had children and he had to share custody with the British Royal family.

The two thought the idea a good synopsis for a TV show and decided to pitch it agency WME.

Fox, who heard the pitch first, picked it up on the spot, reportedly committing big time to a pilot episode.

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