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BANTU present Music Video for “Lagos Barbie” off New Album “Agberos International” | Watch on BN



Off their New Album "Agberos International" BANTU present Music Video for "Lagos Barbie" | Watch on BN
BANTU release the official video for “Lagos Barbie” the first single off their new album “Agberos International”.

The playful visuals follow a hair obsessed lady who unwittingly finds herself time travelling through several decades while trying to get her hair weave fixed.

The video was directed by Bolaji Kekere-Ekun (37th State) and features actress Nengi Adoki in the lead role alongside members of the 13-piece BANTU collective.

According to the band, the tongue in cheek chorus that calls on ladies to “wave your weaves in the air” is a commentary on the habitual love of wigs and weaves by women in Lagos:

Ade Bantu says:

We are aware of the absurdity of this message, knowing that no serious-minded Lagos big girl who spends a fortune keeping her ‘Barbie’ looks would want to wave it in the air, but we also know that they lyrics are such that will make everyone pause and think ‘hold on, wait a minute. Did I just hear right?

Watch the video below:

Director: Bolaji Kekere-Ekun

DOP: White Adeniyi

Producer: Edith Nwekenta

Art Director: Bola Belo

Costume-Styling: Chip Odina

Written by: Ade Bantu


  1. Beht why

    October 4, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    I remember their EP. Amazing stuff

  2. abeg

    October 4, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    can you guys just leave women alone to like what they like? Men spend hours lining up to get a hair cut. There are so many women ‘obsessed’ with hair that are intelligent and hardworking etc. And even if she’s an airhead, is it a crime? When women graduate do the firms promote them as much? Do their husbands put in enough work so she can have time to excel at work? So you push alot of women into a place where their only validation comes from being desired or getting a husband/carer, and bash them for it but refuse to discuss the root cause of it because ‘men.’ It seems a lot of artistes and comedians would have no content if you removed bashing women for enjoying what they like. if it’s not Youtube makeup artistes, it’s eyebrows, or proposal etc. Leave us alone please. Yet when women speak about general things nigerian men do like cheat, physical violence, leaving the women to do most of the housework, it’s ignored as malicious feminism. But you people make entire songs and skits and comedy shows denigrating women.


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