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Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week 2017 Day 2: About That Curvy Life Collective




  1. DK

    October 27, 2017 at 1:02 am

    Toolz! ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️?

  2. Van

    October 27, 2017 at 3:07 am

    *shouldn’t be.

  3. St

    October 27, 2017 at 3:25 am

    I wonder if consistently shoving your boobs up to your chin doesn’t hurt. Must be some kind of talent or something.

    • mimi

      October 27, 2017 at 10:10 am

      Its the waist trainer she wears that actually lifts her boobs that high. The low neck dont help either. Must be so uncomfortable.

  4. Me

    October 27, 2017 at 3:52 am


  5. californiabawlar

    October 27, 2017 at 5:59 am

    Lol… so they should go naked fa? See as the thing hook you sotey you dey mistype sef… weh done sis.

  6. marlee

    October 27, 2017 at 6:18 am

    did Tools gave birth already. just want to know.

    • BlueEyed

      October 27, 2017 at 7:36 am

      Keep breathing.

    • Ramat

      October 27, 2017 at 8:30 am

      Yeah. In and out Marlee, in and out.

  7. Idoko Emmanuel

    October 27, 2017 at 7:20 am

    Nice post but guys please, how can I get in contact with the owner of this magnificent blog.

  8. Armand

    October 27, 2017 at 8:06 am

    Toolz is a beautiful woman, with nice curves and good character.

  9. Diva

    October 27, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Toolz gave birth already?? She’s a very beautiful and nice woman!!

  10. olanna+odenigbo

    October 27, 2017 at 12:20 pm

    Being curvy doesn’t equal being clumsy…..a lot of these are clothing with barely there style. We should be learning how to accentuate and dress curves, to make them yummier, not how to be basic. If there is a standard for regular modelling, there must also be a standard for plus size modelling…. we all CANNOT be models….Modelling requires PRESENCE- gait/swag/carriage whatever you want to call it…but a model shouldn’t look an extra in a movie. Sort your plus size modelling and we will have a better show. we cant be selling ‘whatever fits’ during fashion week…. standardize this movement and the future will only get brighter.

  11. bolintin

    October 27, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    It’s really good to make a name for yourselves ladies, it makes you call the shot!
    See as na only Toolz dressing make sense for this fashion parade!
    No crazy hair, crazy makeup, or odd color combination.

    Go see again. Sure she just had to look sensible for her brand not like a mad woman in the name of fashpar!

  12. HOPE

    October 27, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    When did Yoko get to plus size. Na wah oh

  13. Shaki

    October 28, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Wow. So underwhelming. A nice concept that fell flat on its face. Sigh!

  14. Tosin

    October 29, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    who else is here for the clothes 😀 😀

    bella, bella, bella, why you want to pursue somebody from your blog? this cool like that hashtag that you used to cover half the front page i had already quit and gone to google to try and find an alternative source of lfdw material (because i’m too old for suffer) when i happened upon this page and found the banner is not on the individual pages. toh. it is well.

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